Laura Ungrad

Laura Ungrad

Brand Designer & Creator in Dublin, Ireland

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Hi there! 👋
I’m a designer and creator based in Dublin, and for over a decade I’ve been collaborating with amazing people—bringing their projects and ideas to life.

Work Experience

2021 — Now

My role within Qualio goes well beyond growing and establishing a successful brand. As Lead Brand Designer, I'm responsible for unifying the entire design ecossystem by developing a culture where everyone understands the importance of our brand as a crutial business driver.

My jouney at Qualio started with a rebrand. In May 2021, I joined the marketing team to build and grow the company's new brand identity and creative presence. I worked closely with the CEO and the VP of Marketing to redefine the brand values and develop a complete set of guidelines and assets for Qualio's new chapter. This project took about six months, and in November 2021, we successfully unveiled it to the world.

Since then, I have allowed myself to grow beyond the marketing and design worlds by taking an interest in understanding the overall company goals and immersing myself in other areas of the business, such as product design and development.

Most recently, I have taken on the challange of leading Qualio's design team. Our main goal is to create an environment where creatives can come together as one to collaborate, get updates form each other, and share feedback in a fair and open way. As a result, we reduced siloed work, and increased productivity, awareness, and team collaboration.

2018 — 2021
Cork, Ireland

My role as Poppulo's Head of Creative was to develop, maintain, and direct the company's brand strategy. I was responsible for driving all creative initiatives from start to end, ensuring projects were always aligned with the company's brand values.

Brand awareness & growth: worked closely with a range of marketing and product specialists to build and grow the Poppulo brand across all channels — website, product, social media, content marketing, events, third-party collaboration.

Consistency throughout: I opened a collaborative channel between marketing and other teams to unite and integrate the Poppulo brand vitals into all areas of the business. From product design to internal company initiatives, people understood the importance of alignment for brand awareness and overall success. The entire Poppulo brand truly felt like one living organism.

Leadership & management: from being a team of one to managing contractors, external agencies and the website development team, I learned that clarity, feedback, and constant collaboration were vital to a successful outcome.

2016 — 2018
Cork, Ireland

As Poppulo's Brand Designer, I was responsible for growing their corporate brand from the very beginning. In the early stages of the role, I was in charge of developing Poppulo's brand essence by expanding on the guidelines and creating all necessary assets for the rebrand launch (May 2017). Projects included: complete icon set library; branded illustration pack; editorial design & templates; social promo assets; videography.

From implementing two new sets of typefaces to expanding the asset library, I designed a comprehensible set of guidelines and design system, that were then carefully applied throughout the website, product, external- and internal-facing collateral.

2015 — 2016
Senior Designer at Brando
Dublin, Ireland

As a Senior Designer at Brando, I worked closely with account managers and brand strategists to design digital and print solutions for many Irish companies such as Xtra-Vision, SIRO, Magnet, GloHealth, and Clanwilliam Health.