Lasse Jonas Rogie

Lasse Jonas Rogie

Actor/Writer/Director in Amsterdam


Lasse Jonas Rogie is a Dutch/Belgian actor and a director with Indonesian roots. He is known for his role as Yannick on the drama television series Childhood Dreams. Rogie's own work percolates the search of identity and purpose of oneself in a world that’s doing its best to make you everybody else.

Having been on exchange to New York City where he studied acting and photography, Lasse graduated Cum Laude as a Humanities student from Amsterdam University College. Hereafter he studied acting at Amsterdam Academy for Theatre & Dance for two years, before studying the Meisner technique at Actor's East in London.

Known for willpower, open-mindedness, and loyalty, Lasse hopes to inspire people to make their own autonomous life choices by questioning societal expectations around their identity.


Fireworks at EndemolShine Scripted

New series on the fireworks disaster in Enschede, the Netherlands back in 2000. Lasse will star as Chris, a police officer. Directed by Lourens Blok.

Blue Rock at Nahshon Film

Lasse has written, is co-producing, directing, and playing in his second short film.

Gevano and Pelle, two friends who haven’t seen each other since childhood, end up in the same prison cell. Surprisingly reunited, they happily reminisce their shared upbringing in the city of Rotterdam. But as they get closer to one another, traces of a traumatic event begin to tear them apart.

Currently in distribution


"De Droom van de Jeugd" is a drama series in which we follow different family members developing as human beings, growing up from the 1960s until the 2000s. Along the way, they form their identity and ideals, until they're confronted with the next generation, who fight their own battles in response to contemporary society. Lasse plays the part of this next generation.
Written by Marnie Blok and directed by Bram Schouw.


"15 Years Ago" is a monolgue on the complexities and nuances of pedophilia. Lasse co-directed this cinematographic adaptation. He stars as the victim himself.


Lasse plays in the short film "Mirrors" by Hunter Hulett.

The film deals with finding love, losing it, and facing the following sorrow. Written and directed by Met Film Berlin graduate Hunter Hulett.

(Currently in distribution)


Lasse is acting in the new BNNVARA Film "Het Mooiste Liedje Dat Je Ooit Hebt Gezien".

An adventurous coming-of-age drama about two young deaf girls who go on an unforgettable road trip together where they not only get to know each other better, but also themselves.


"Kids" is the first short film directed by Lasse Jonas Rogie. It challenges fixed ideas about identity and the courage to swim against the stream.

Premiered at Orvieto Cinema Fest 2021, now available online.


A short film on societal pressure with relation to puberty and mid-life crises. Lasse stars as tennis coach Olivier. Directed by Natalia Boorsma.

(Premieres in August 2021)


"Op De Fiets" (OV) is a dance performance dealing with letting go in times of quarantine. Lasse performs as one of the main characters. Choreography by Linde Wagemakers.


In this Graduation Piece on the space between people in a world of equality, Lasse performed and wrote his own monologue. Directed by Christina Pfrötschner.


Director for "DUO," a 68 min documentary about the courage to step out of loneliness. During Covid-19, a diverse group of Amsterdam residents are brought together by students to make a performance over the course of five weeks.

Mythos at Mezrab

For the graduation piece of Mezrab the Storytelling School, Lasse wrote and performed a piece on Theseus.

Embrace Your Blackness

Dissertation on Racial Consciousness in Poetry by Claude McKay and Hip-Hop by Kendrick Lamar.

The Weekly at AUCSA

As Creative Content Director, Lasse wrote the Weekly Newsletter for all AUC students and faculty during the 2016-2017 academic year.

Side Projects


PA for Short Film by Bram van Workum.


Actor for Short Film by Sonia Herman Dolz.


Actor for Commercial by Henry Scholfield.


Actor for Visual Poem by Mees Peijnenburg.

What If Jesus Was Black

This was the final performance of Lasse's first year at the Acadamy of Theatre & Dance.

The Jacket at AMFI

Poetry for the 2017 Graduation Show by Dominique Hoogvliet.


Snow In My Hair at Atelier ISSAKÉ

Lasse wrote a collection of poetry for the opening of Atelier ISSAKÉ.


Poetry and Introductory Text for an international Artsteps Exhibition.


Use of Social Media at Tedx AUCollege

"Does Our Generation Misuse What's Available To Us?"

Work Experience

2015 — 2016
Secretary & Creative Content Writer at AUCAFE
2014 — 2015
Secretary & Creative Content Writer at RGB


2021 — 2022

Lasse took an in-depth Sanford Meisner training by Tom Radcliffe.

2020 — 2020
Julia Cameron

The Artist's Way

2018 — 2020
Acadamy of Theatre & Dance

Programme for Actors and Writers

2015 — 2018
Amsterdam University College

Cum Laude Honour's Degree at Liberal Arts & Sciences Programme

2017 — 2017
The New School
New York City

4.0 GPA at the Programme for Acting and Creative Writing