Lalu Triawanri Novianung (Aann)

Lalu Triawanri Novianung (Aann)

Product Designer in Bandung, Indonesia, He/Him


Uneducated scientist, untrained detective, part-time artist, full-time observer.



Side Projects


I decided to move from Medium to Substack, where I will continue to share my perspective on digital products, including product design and product strategy. It will be quite different on Substack, as I will also share the story of building my own design studio, No Desk Room.


Background: At No Desk Room, our mission is to break the mold of traditional design constraints. Our studio thrives on the open canvas that the digital world presents, allowing us to craft experiences that are not only visually stunning but also intuitively functional. Our brand identity represents our dedication to creating expansive digital landscapes. The name "No Desk Room" symbolizes our belief that great design isn't confined to physical spaces — it's about the endless possibilities that digital freedom offers. Read Less


My daily journal includes entries on design perspectives, personal updates, and musings.


Passionate designer with a unique flair for creativity. My portfolio showcases captivating and functional solutions that resonate with audiences.



Daily Journal, ideas and perspective about life.


As a lead product designer at a small tech startup, I know firsthand the challenges of balancing trade-offs in UX design. When our team was tasked with creating a revolutionary educational platform, we had to find the right balance between conflicting goals like usability, aesthetics, simplicity, functionality, accessibility, and more. Through user research, collaboration, and a focus on user needs, we were able to overcome these challenges and create a successful product.



This is my old archive of what I've done in the beginning of my career.


I've collaborated with one of the local communities in my town to craft their brand.


My very first UX/UI project was when I started my career as UX Designer in 2018 This case study obviously not so good from the design process because I didn't use any proper design process but, I love this because this is the very first project.


I did a collaboration challenge to redesign a bank company.

Work Experience

2022 — Now
Bandung Indonesia

Leading the product designer member, helping the product team delivers a useful platform experience. My main focus is contributing to the design strategy and maintaining cross-functional team collaboration. I also do these for the team:

  • Managing design tasks
  • Maintain the product designer growth plan
  • Help the product team build a product roadmap
  • Maintain the product design process
  • Helping product design to establish the way of working
  • Writing design documentation
2022 — 2022
Bandung, Indonesia

Leading the technical design side to maintain the design quality
at Dicoding Indonesia. Here are some of my focus

  • Led the design guidelines initiative
  • Led the design sprints for the design mood board and design guideline
  • Art directing on the design guideline
  • Support and mentor the creative designer's growth plan
  • Support the creative designer’s activities
2020 — 2022
Bandung Indonesia

Designing products at the Indonesian leading education platform for developers. Crafting a learning experience for the Dicoding platform.

2020 — 2020
Bandung, Indonesia

Starting a career at Dicoding as an intern is a great thing, I
contributed to the design of the Dicoding main homepage.
Conducting qualitative research until designing the high-fidelity

2020 — 2020
Bandung, Indonesia

Worked with cool people at a design and research agency called Giza as UX Researcher Intern. I conducted user research for an online design mentorship platform to help
students learn about UX/UI design with a private mentor.

2018 — 2019
UI/UX Freelance at Lumbung Inovasi
Lombok, Indonesia

Worked with a cheerful team and learn how to be a good team
player. Designed a point-of-sales product called Ludes.
Crafted the user flow and visual design for the product is the best experience as a UX/UI Designer.



No Desk Room