David Adi Nugroho

David Adi Nugroho

Software Engineer in Semarang, Indonesia


I believe in the beauty and diversity of the world. Everything I do is to enjoy every bit of it. In doing so, I choose to live a simple and intentional life. I love the work and colleagues I work with, I consume only the things I need, live without clutter and burden from the past. Then contribute to society in a useful way.

My name is David Adi Nugroho and I am a self-taught Software Engineer.



I am part of the core team at PropertiLord. I was there from the start, building the backend using PHP/Laravel and maintaining its cloud infrastructure on AWS/AliCloud. Also helping them achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification as lead engineer.

Work Experience

2022 — Now

This is a software house company. I joined in Talenavi divison as a Project Manager, leading software engineer team (4-5 people) to build multiple software using agile methodology. I also meet with client, handling the feedback and addressing their need.

But in some cases, i still code for BackEnd mainly using PHP/Laravel.

2018 — 2022
Software Engineer at PT. Dirga Surya
Semarang, Indonesia

Working on multiple projects with my colleagues:

  • Startup: propertilord.co.id
  • Internal Software: Property Management System, Landlord Management, Sales & Accounting

Tech stack i worked on: AWS/AliCloud, MYSQL, PHP/Laravel, Blade/TailwindCSS, JS/NextJS

2016 — 2017
Jakarta, Indonesia

6 mo. Internship, 1+ yr. Network Engineer

  • Maintain and config network infrastructure (mostly MikroTik)
  • Develop internal reporting software (Native PHP)


2013 — 2017
Semarang, Indonesia

4 years vocational high school programme.
3 years studying, 1 year intership.