Kyle Kettler

Kyle Kettler

Frontend Engineer in Minneapolis, MN


I’ve spent the last decade designing and building online projects for clients, in-house, and for fun.



A full-stack web app created for developers to find hybrid design and development roles.
• Built a full-stack app using PostgreSQL, Node.js, Express, and React. Both front-end and back-end are written in
TypeScript and the front end uses TailwindCSS for styling.
• Created custom React components for front-end list filtering, pagination, and an application form with drag-and-drop
file uploading.
• Wrote custom Express endpoints and implemented asynchronous fetch API calls to read and write to the database.
• Implemented custom authentication using Argon2 for hashing allowing users to sign-up and sign-in securely.
• Deployed to AWS on EC2 instance using Dokku.


A web app created for people to organize their gaming backlog.
• Consumed RESTful APIs and used JavaScript and AJAX to populate data and render the front end of the app.
• Implemented clean CSS using Flexbox to build a mobile-first app that works on all devices.
• Created features using JavaScript and Local Storage for users to track games played, games to play, favorite games,
and to rate games.
• Designed a beautiful user interface in Figma that is easy to use and engaging.

Work Experience

2011 — Now

• Designed and developed websites, landing pages, and e-commerce sites for startups, restaurants, CPG, NFT projects, and non-profits.

• Designed brand identities for non-profits, beverage companies, cigar companies, and restaurant groups.

Clients have included Abode Social, Nouns Coffee, Brkfst World, Edition Studio, Hothouse Collaborative, M. Wright, Exodus Cry, TheosU, Enliven, Aloha Monkey, Carrara & Co, Italian Eatery, River Valley Church.

2021 — Now

• Established the design language and patterns for the product interface using Figma components and libraries.
• Collaborated with co-founders in determining the company's product strategy, tech stack, and vision.
• Crafted a design system with reusable Figma components and straightforward prototypes for the
development team to implement.
• Collaborated closely with the other co-founders to ensure the product features met the product and users' goals.

2016 — 2023

• Led the design and Webflow development of 15+ client websites and 100+ client projects.
• Oversaw creative output and managed the design team to ensure the design was excellently executed.
• Facilitated client meetings to determine project goals, to present design, wireframes, and Figma prototypes, to
receive project approval, and to update project status.
• Consistently exceeded client’s expectations for creative, design, and Webflow development.
• Managed up to 6 clients at one time while overseeing and working on multiple projects for each client.

2015 — 2016
Digital Designer at Jettison

• Acted as the primary designer for 10+ client websites and projects.
• Worked closely with the development team to ensure the websites were feasible and built to design specs.
• Presented design concepts to clients and created websites to meet client goals and needs.


2023 — 2023
Full-Immersion Web Development Program at LearningFuze
Irvine, CA

800+ hours of programming (60+ hours/week) in a simulated agile work environment.