Kolapo Oni

Kolapo Oni

Designer & Developer in Lagos, Nigeria


I'm a Designer & Developer passionate about creating functional, interactive & timeless web experiences.

Languages, Tools & Frameworks
Design — Figma, Sketch, Zeplin
Code — HTML, CSS (SCSS), JavaScript (ES6+), Vue.js, Nuxt.js, React, Git, Node.js, Java, Contentful CMS

Work Experience

2020 — Now
Lagos, Nigeria
  • I lead the Web Design team, which is responsible for designing and building functional and interactive web experiences that tell product stories, ranging from the marketing website, and blog to product microsites.
  • Led the redesign & built the website for Send, which is a remittance product by Flutterwave used to enable seamless cross-border payments — send.flutterwave.com/
  • Led the redesign of the company's website, while working closely with another designer, and a Frontend Engineer — flutterwave.com.
  • I was involved in the redesign and built the new experience for the Flutterwave payment link, which is used by thousands of people to receive payments across the globe — flutterwave.com/pay/kolapo.
  • Worked on the design and development of the Design team's website alongside another designer. The main objective of this project was to have a place where we could tell our stories and share our interests as a team — flutterwave.design
  • Designed and built the new blog of the company — flutterwave.com/blog. I wrote an article about the redesign process here, and the problems we aimed to solve — flutterwave.design/redesigning-th…
2020 — 2020
Lagos, Nigeria
  • Worked with the Web design team consisting of two Design Engineers, where we collaboratively designed & developed paystack.com/commerce, a landing page to drive the campaign for the launch of Paytack's commerce tools.

  • Worked with the Web design team, and a couple of backend engineers to design and build paystack.com/music, which is an interactive, and experimental project built using the Spotify and Slack APIs. Paystack Music is a site that shows the monthly mixtapes of all the music shared on Paystack's music channel on Slack.

2019 — 2020
Lagos, Nigeria
  • Worked with a designer to build the company's marketing blog, using Nuxt and Contentful CMS — gomoney.global/blog.

  • I was involved in the redesign and led the development of the company's marketing website and other key marketing microsites used to drive launch campaigns for new product features.

  • Worked with a designer, backend engineer, and product manager, where I was involved in both the design and development of the internal dashboard, which was a tool mainly used by the Customer Success & Data team for analysis, transactions monitoring, and customer complaint checks and resolution.

2018 — 2019
Lagos, Nigeria
  • Built the gomoney payment link, which was a front-facing user application used by customers as a means to receive money from anyone via their unique links. The problem we solved with this, was to allow gomoney users to easily receive money from non-gomoney users via a unique payment link.
  • Built, designed interactions, and maintained codebases for the company's marketing website & other microsites.
  • Worked with designers, backend engineers, and product managers to build scalable and functional web applications that meet product requirements.
2017 — 2018
Interactive Designer & Developer at Ose Games
Lagos, Nigeria



A wee project that shows the song I'm currently listening to on Spotify.


A marker-based Augmented Reality experiment where a little blue bird flies around popping balloons.


An Augmented Reality experiment


A minimalist 2D game where you traverse the mind of a troubled man


A 2D WebGL pong game



An article highlighting the entire process of designing & building the Flutterwave Design website.


An article highlighting my process redesigning & building the new Flutterwave blog — flutterwave.com/blog


2011 — 2016