Khushboo Mehrotra

Khushboo Mehrotra

Bringing value through design


Designer and jack of all trades 🃏
I am a visual storyteller in any given medium — a piece of paper, packaging, on screen, indoor or through spaces wide open.

🎯 Bringing to life the emotional core of design strategies and evocative concepts in visceral sensorial expressions across mediums.

👀 As a designer, I enjoy being a generalist with a focus on digital & spatial experiences. Jack of all trades with the ambition to build work that lives in the future, with a careful eye on the past.

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Updated portfolio website showcasing digital, print and spatial works from 2016-Now.
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Collaborator - Noora Yasmin

Strongly rooted in our culture, our frugal habits have never been aspirational, but rather, a way of living. Making everything last as long as possible and make the most of everything was the standard. With the upsurge in disposable incomes, rising consumption trends of use and throw culture, we are here to highlight and remind that there is nothing as prudent as those values amma taught us.

TMMUTD is an attempt or rather an opportunity to inquire into behaviours stemming from culturally rooted practices by creating a museum archive. What better place than to start from home?
To build a persona, we decided to narrate the story through strong advocates of this culture — our mothers. Here's to reminising & reviving those prudent & frugal values amma taught us.

Work Experience

2023 — Now
Independent Designer at Self
2022 — 2023
Chief Designer at The Space At 9/2
2021 — 2022
Senior Designer at The Space At 9/2
2020 — 2021
Designer at The Space At 9/2
2019 — 2019
Spatial and Experience Designer at Not On Map
Himachal Pradesh

Worked as a Experience and Spatial Designer to deliver experiences that facilitate socio-cultural exchange through NotOnMap's local and remote homestays across Himachal.


2016 — 2022
Bachelor of Design at National Institute of Design

Khushboo studied Visual Communication Design with a specialisation in Exhibition and Spatial Design.

A multi-disciplinary course seamlessly merging artistry, curation, and architecture, this discipline delves into the art of crafting immersive narratives within contemporary art, themed displays, and archives. The curriculum offers an interplay between theoretical insights and hands-on Curatorial and Scenography Practice, fostering a comprehensive understanding. From conceptualisation to practical spatial development, students master the creation of captivating experiences across mediums.

The course also embraces and refines skills in tech, space manipulation, spanning theatre, film, virtual realms, installations, digital and physical experiences — forging innovative spatial dialogues among content, space, time, and the audience.