Kevin Cannon

Kevin Cannon

Design Leader in Berlin


A seasoned designer and leader with a focus on building & guiding multi-disciplinary teams who love to work on tricky problems at the intersection of design & technology.

Over 20 years experience, working in a mixed background working in agencies working on product design & strategy, to start-ups rethinking things from the ground up.

Open for interesting chats and new opportunities.

Work Experience

2024 — Now
Oakland, Remote
  • Helping design the future of research with AI

  • Design hiring & advising

  • Product strategy

  • Product Design & UX

2019 — 2024

Led product design for various teams who focus on the core editor experience as well as our AI features. Our task is a fascinating challenge balancing the need for feature parity with significant differentiators.

  • Delivered many of the products most differentiating features.

  • Led the AI work from a product perspective, and delivering a major feature, an AI presentation generator that significantly better than our competitors.

  • Led a world-class product design team of 8, including a Design Manager and Design Engineer.

  • Had extremely high staff retention amongst my direct and indirect reports.

2010 — 2018

Spent many wonderful years working with these lovely bunch of passionate creators and makers.

Some highlights:

  • Creative lead for many large client projects.
  • Partnered with Ikea to help them launch their first ever Smart Home product to success.
  • Represented Frog at many conferences worldwide (India, South Africa, France, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Ireland)
  • Managed our intern program for many ears, which was a key funnel for successful FT hires.
  • Hosted various in-office meetups as well as initiating the company ski trip.

Over my time there I started as a mid-level Interaction Designer, and end up as Principal Designer, where I led teams, mentored colleagues, pitched work and represented Frog at conferences around the world.

2015 — 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark

Taught a few courses, the most interesting of which was "Artefacts from the Future" a week-long crash-course in futurecasting and speculative design.

2000 — 2010
Designer at Various

I've worked in many different jobs up previously. Here is just a small summary.

🇸🇪 Spent a few months doing mobile UI design at Ustwo in Malmö, Sweden
🖥 Worked in a few small web design agencies in Dublin
🤩 Built interactive installations for events
⚡️ Built eLearning games as a Flash Programmer
🍔 Spent a summer working in Burger King



When I joined Pitch, I led a team tasked with creating product differentiators to enhance workflow speed. I built a team with a mandate to be experimental, resulting in the launch of some of Pitch’s most unique features.

Key features we shipped:

  • Smart Tidy
    Simplifies slide design for everyone.

  • Smart swapping
    Allows quick content adjustments.

  • Slide status
    Enables teams to track progress.

  • CMD+K menu
    Power tools for power users.


Led the launch of Pitch's first major AI feature, an AI presentation generator. This involved working with multiple teams to scope out the product, figure out a whole new template system for generating presentations, and nailing a high quality output and hitting a tight launch deadline.


I spent about three years while at Frog Design, working closely with Ikea to design, implement, and launch their first smart home product. It was an incredible experience to collaborate with a company that truly values design and was in the process of integrating technology into their culture.

Initially, my role focused on defining the interaction between hardware and software. By the end, I was the creative lead for the project, liaising with key stakeholders, clients, and partners through to post-launch and handover.

Side Projects


A web app for making beautiful animated background for apps, videos or presentations.

I’ve been excited about with things like shaders, threejs, and SVG animation for a few years, but i've always found it tricky to adjust them to your actual brand or use case. With this, you can easily create an animation for your own project.

Role: Design & frontend coding
Development & co-creator: Mateusz Siek.

2000 — 2004