Keshav Raj

Keshav Raj

Senior Product Designer in Bengaluru

I am a seasoned Designer in the Intersection of Product & Visual Design with a demonstrated track record of shipping 15+ digital products that have impacted over 20 million users across India and globally. Specializing in B2B, SAAS markets, and Web & Mobile Apps. I have been a driving force behind the "Design for Bharat" movement, empowering users from smaller cities to embrace innovative solutions.

With over 4 years of experience and a degree in Interaction Design, I excel in shaping Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for startups in Bengaluru, guiding them through their crucial 0-1 journey. My passion for problem-solving, coupled with my creative pursuits in art, uniquely positions me to bridge the gap between user needs and cutting-edge technology.

Looking ahead, my goal is to channel my expertise into building products that address significant challenges. By combining my knack for building digital solutions with my commitment to impactful innovation, I aim to contribute to positive societal change. My journey is a testament to my dedication to enhancing user experiences through design thinking and strategic product development.



Work Experience

2024 — Now
Senior Product Designer at Codename

helping early startups to design products that people love to use

2023 — Now
Product Design Consultant at SkitMedia
Remote - SF

Consulting with Various Startups to Help them Build their 0 - 1s

2023 — Now
Product Design Consultant at Ownpath Design

Working as a Designer in Residence with Ownpath, helping companies in Bengaluru go from 0 to 1

2023 — 2024

Spearheaded the product strategy and launch of Valent, a pioneering intent-based protocol enabling innovative non-liquidation borrowing and leverage mechanisms, setting new industry benchmarks.

Designed and executed a unique 3D interactive experience running on the browser themed around "Breaking Bad," enhancing user engagement by allowing exploration and interaction within a virtual environment.

Developed and implemented an efficient beta tester onboarding process, including whitelisting of wallets and granting priority access, significantly streamlining the testnet launch phase.

Collaborated with Marketing and Design teams to create impactful marketing materials and trailer videos, effectively communicating the product's unique value proposition and driving user interest.

Coordinated with the Content team to organize and refine product documentation and user guides; Integrated GPT-based chatbots for dynamic user interaction.

Implemented advanced analytics tools, including Posthog and Grafana, for comprehensive in-product and on-chain analytics, alongside establishing a live order-book, providing real-time insights into user behavior and transactional dynamics.

2022 — 2023
Remote - Del

Designing the Future of real estate technology with our suite of products and Solution

Launched 10+ Products Impacting 1000+ Users and 150+ Businesses.

MVP Lead to Propacity Closing its Series A Funding

2021 — 2022
Product Designer at Swiggy

Swiggy Moments: Pilot
Built Swiggy Moments, a C2C gifting marketplace on Swiggy, driving last-minute gifting for various occasions. Achieved a peak of 236 orders during Christmas, showcasing Moments' highest OPD. Successfully delivered over 2,200 gifts with an average order value of INR 480 in December.

Swiggy Moments: Corporate
Following the successful launch of Swiggy Moments C2C, our objective shifted towards expanding the marketplace's reach to encompass not only a broader audience but also to integrate corporate entities. This initiative aimed to introduce specially tailored corporate packages, thereby extending our innovative services to include both employees and customers within the corporate sphere.

"Code Named" Project:
Contributed to fostering a sense of community within apartment societies by enabling collective orders from renowned distant restaurants.
Collaborated closely with the design team to refine edge cases and create effective marketing designs.

Fantastic Finds Research Project:
Led the "Fantastic Finds" project aimed at enhancing user experiences through creator-led commerce.
Conducted extensive primary research, yielding over 1,000 survey responses.
Analyzed user behavior, preferences, and engagement, targeting a 10% increase in order conversion rates.
Conducted in-depth secondary research on effective creator and influencer network strategies.

Motion Design:
Designed captivating transitions and loaders for the Swiggy Moments experience.

Minor Marketing Designs and Internal Labs Newsletter:
Contributed to various minor marketing design projects.
Designed and maintained the internal Labs newsletter.

2020 — 2021
Product Designer at Propacity
Remote - Del

Conducted extensive research in the Indian real estate market to gain insights into industry trends and challenges.

Collaborated closely with the CEO to define the target audience and understand the specific problems Propacity aimed to solve.

Identified gaps in the market and initiated the conceptualization of the Propacity platform to address these gaps effectively.

Conducted user experience (UX) research to gain a deep understanding of the target personas and their needs.

Conducted multiple user interviews to explore user workflows and gather essential business requirements.

Led the ideation, design, and development of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) version of the Propacity Platform, with a focus on serving small and medium-sized real estate businesses.

Acted on customer feedback to iteratively enhance and expand the platform's feature set, ensuring alignment with the evolving needs of users and the business.

2020 — 2021
Product Designer at Perfectice
Remote - SF

Perfectice 2.0:
Spearheaded the development of Perfectice 2.0, a comprehensive online education and assessment platform tailored for educational institutions.
Successfully launched during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, addressing critical features not offered by mainstream tools like Teams and Zoom.

Online Education Platform:
Designed and implemented an online course and learning platform, offering a seamless educational experience.

AI Proctored Assessment Enhancement:
Played a pivotal role in improving the AI proctored assessment platform, ensuring integrity in online examinations.

Mobile App Development:
Led the creation of a mobile app, extending the accessibility of the platform for a wider audience.

Classroom Creation:
Designed and developed shared virtual classrooms, fostering collaboration between students and teachers, and facilitating discussions, announcements, and updates.

Online Course Builder:
Innovated the online course builder, empowering educational institutions to create their own courses with a mix of prerecorded and live classes, assessments, and quizzes.

Analytics and Reporting:
Implemented robust analytics and reporting features for teachers, providing insights into student performance.

Individual Student Reports:
Introduced individualized student reports, offering a comprehensive view of each student's performance.

Worked closely with the engineering team and the CEO, collaborating to envision ideas and bring them to fruition.

2019 — 2020
Product Design Intern at Park Plug

Directly collaborated with CEO and Product team to prototype, design and deliver the UI and UX experience with a lean design process


Revolutionizing Real Estate: Unveiling the Post-Sale Ecosystem at Propacity

B2B - SAAS, Realestate Tech

A post-sale real estate B2B product designed to enhance and streamline property management tasks, providing convenience and peace of mind to Property Developers.

ESOP Management - Navigating Your Startup Journey and Beyond at Infinyte

Mobile/Web App - Fintech

Manage all your private equities from across your startup journey, track your net-worth across assets, access privileges and deploy your now unlocked wealth into other high-growth opportunities

Directly Collaborated with stakeholders and the Product team to address UX issues and help them with the pilot launch of their mobile application

Making Propacity CRM B2B Ready at Propacity


Gearing Up for Enterprise Clients

Elevating Propacity CRM to B2B readiness through the integration of roles, permissions, project management, analytics, and reporting capabilities, empowering seamless business collaboration and strategic decision-making.

Transforming Health Services for Homebound Patients at Ubiqare

WebApp - SASS, Health Tech

Specialty care made available to patients at home to avoid hospital visits and admissions

Built a Whitelabelling Solution For Ubicare to establish Online Consultation Services for its fleet of Hospitals.

Worked with Major industry Stakeholders to Re-Design and Shape the product to be used by 100+ Hospitals, 1000+ Doctors and 10,000+ Patients

Swiggy Moments - Delight Animation at Swiggy

Motion Design - Lottie

As part of the design, I was asked to include micro-interactions and motion to delight and enhance the experience of receiving a virtual gift.


Mobile App - Research & Design

Swiggy Moments is a customer-to-customer gifting marketplace on Swiggy to inspire and enable last-minute gifting for different occasions, whether casual ones like Thank you, Sorry, Miss you, etc. or traditional ones like birthdays and anniversaries

Our orders spiked as festivities began during the month of December. At 236 orders, Moments saw its highest OPD on
Over 2,200 peaks were delivered and the average gift order value was around INR 480 during December

Empowering Real Estate Brokers: A User-Centric CRM at Propacity


Our CRM solution for real estate sales executives showcased the potency of a user-centric approach, addressing challenges faced by brokers in tier 2 and 3 cities. By crafting a feature-rich CRM that empowers these professionals, we underscored the importance of empathetic design in creating impactful digital products.

AI based Skill Growth Platform at Perfectice

B2B SAAS, Edtech offers an innovative platform for personalized skill development and assessment in various fields leveraging AI.


Mobile App - Transportation tech

Monetize your unused parking spaces by renting them out through our app


Bachelors Degree in Interaction Design at Srishti Institue of Art Design and Technology
Bengaluru [Old Portfolio]
you can find Multidisciplinary projects from my College tenure here

Side Projects

Nights & Weekends at Buildspace

Building a Product as part of Buildspace, nights & Weekends


Building a Community and Marketplace for artists

On Loremsum, you set the royalty price for your designs and you receive a royalty payout for every product sold with your design.


Product Design, Motion Design

SPACE is a platform that enables better ways to collaborate, engage, and work together by untying people from their traditional conversational branches. Space is built for both a professional environment and a fun atmosphere without compromising on the experience or the interface.


Workshops for Students at Srishti Institute of Design
Multiple Talks & Sessions at AOH Discord Community


AIR 144 from UCEED, IIT Bombay


2022 — 2023
Community Manager at After Office Hours

Community Manager at one of the coolest societies on the Internet.

2019 — 2020
Community Manager at Avalon

Community Manager at one of the fastest growing community during covid