Keaton Taylor

Keaton Taylor

Very Dad Designer in Wichita, KS, He/Him

Looking for a new product design role. Hit me up!

5 months ago

I'm a Product Designer with over a decade of experience shipping successful internet things.

Currently doing that at Discord.

I live and work in Wichita, Kansas with my wife and four children.





Keaton Taylor is a product designer at Discord and stopped by the show to talk about getting distracted by new dev toys, spoons as the best-worst analogy, Wichita as the new Portland, working at Discord, and the interesting career paths for developers and designers in 2022.


Wichita, KS

I gave a talk about the wholistic nature of design and its uses outside of a strictly visual medium. I was also very funny.

Work Experience

2021 — Now
San Francisco, CA | Remote
2019 — 2020
San Francisco, CA | Remote
2019 — 2019
Portland, OR | Remote
2016 — 2019
2017 — 2018
2015 — 2016
Product Designer at RaiseMore
OKC, OK | Remote
2013 — 2016
2013 — 2013
2012 — 2013
2010 — 2011



Launched Discord Activities in Fall 2023.

Desktop Game Shelf Iterations at

Worked on the desktop update of our game shelf adding in features like filtering and sorting, search, and a more clear and consistent labeling system.

Space Remodel at

In search of Activated retention and product-market-fit, we redesigned the Playspace experience. We did this with a focus on making our most retentive and persistent features the stars of the show. Chat, Video calling, and space presence are all showcased as first-class features in this new version.


In support of our marketing team, I designed landing pages for specific geographic locations. We did this to lock to a specific TAM and experiment on messaging, acquisition, and activated retention. By geo-boxing this we could do some more specific experiments to see what works and what doesn't. We started in the Philippines, as we recently had a significant spike in users in that locale.


Worked with PMs and leadership to craft a strategy around launching open play spaces. Community spaces aim to drive adoption and retention for the segment of our users who have come to the platform without a group to play with and give them a way to engage and play games with other people.


I redesigned the space directory to act as a home for users to see who is active and available in their spaces upon login.


Worked with engineers to design the first iteration of our V0 mobile app to be shipped to alpha users.


I worked on the core Envoy Visitors app team including projects on the Dashboard, the Billing squad, and the design systems squad.


I worked with the mobile team designing V2 of the Envoy Protect check in app,


I was the designer working on the Treehouse Techdegree program. I worked on the core product and made contributions to the design system.

Content creation and moderation platform at Apartment Therapy

I was the design lead for Project Gen, where we tore apart the existing content creation, editing, and moderation tools in Rails and redesigned them to be independent React apps built on the Google cloud development platform.


I led design on Color search. Working with Sherwin Williams and Mckinney as stakeholders. We won an IAB MIXX award



GOLD: Sherwin-Williams & McKinney for “The Most Colorful Search Ever”
SILVER: Reynolds Wrap & Havas Worldwide Chicago for “Reynolds Endless Table”
BRONZE: Unilever’s Dove Hair & Mindshare for “Dove Love Your Curls Emojis Keyboard”