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Kalok Yeung

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New project is out: owlfurnitureandobjects…

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Creative Direction + Digital Design. I am based in Amsterdam and currently a Senior Designer at Bakken & Bæck.

Open to small freelance opportunities.



OWL is a Barcelona-based design studio led by Alfredo Lopez, which designs and manufactures unique furniture and objects, mainly but not exclusively in wood. As a practice, OWL understands its furniture collections as series and therefore objects in constant evolution, which allows them to adapt to different people, projects and spaces.

The new websites features an infinite home page scroll, an interactive archive gallery and 3D furniture which you can place in your homes with AR technology.


Designed the new portfolio for Arvin Leeuwis, a creative technologist at heart, Leeuwis translates ideas and brands into digital experiences. After several years as a creative developer, Arvin now works as a freelance creative technologist–creating animations, websites and motion graphics for various purposes.


Seen is an internal initiative that began a year and a half ago, against the backdrop of pandemic-triggered racism against Asians.

Through a collection of personal conversations between Asian practitioners within BB and beyond, the project explores the interplay between race, ethnicity, and our creative practices and careers in the design industry.


Designed the new website together with the team. Bakken & Bæck is a technology-driven design studio based in Oslo, Bonn, Amsterdam, and London.


ESNS has a proven track record for helping new acts on the international live music scene. We created a new digital environment that helps visitors discover and experience the festival online.


Digital designer on the project


A website for Julidans, the international festival for contemporary dance in Amsterdam. Julidans presents the great masters and the enfants terribles of contemporary dance. As leading organisation for contemporary dance you need an UX concept that is innovative and accessible for everyone at the same time. Existing users should be able to find shows just as easy as new contemporary dance visitors.


A new digital plaform. Eye Filmmuseum is a film archive and museum in Amsterdam that preserves and presents both Dutch and foreign films screened in the Netherlands.


A website for De School. De School is a 24-hours licensed initiative in Amsterdam-West, open 7 days a week as a club, a music venue, a restaurant, a cafe and an exhibition space. The homepage highlights the club programme and editorial news items about the artists and the club itself. The structure of the website is simple, The Club, Café DS, Restaurant DS and Het Gymlokaal had their own landingpage. This made it easy for all target groups to find their home on the website.


Side Projects


Simone Sniekers is a fashion editor and creative producer based in Amsterdam. She focusses on bringing different disciplines together such as art, fashion and technology.


Filtro Studio is a digital design showroom and your go-to source for high quality vintage and contemporary affordable pieces. We offer a broad inventory of collectible vintage and tailored sourcing services.


A new portfolio for photographer and art director Lieke van der Wel

Creative Director at EMPAM

Creative Director of record label EMPAM by Malin Genie


"Through the format of direct messages, Seen not only communicates a typically heavy topic with a playful and nuanced approach, but also expresses the complex and multi-faceted theme of identity with creative flair and authenticity."


“How do we make it cuter?”: Seen uses soft Y2K aesthetics to welcome users into an ongoing conversation about Asian identity in the creative industry.

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