Kabir Goel

Kabir Goel

Engineer & designer in Berkeley, CA

low-code tools are fucking awesome

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I’m a junior at UC Berkeley studying computer science, design, and public policy.

I build tech for nonprofits at Cal Blueprint (calblueprint.org) and write a newsletter (kabirgoel.com) about design, productivity, and programming. When I’m not building or writing I usually end up watching a Vox documentary or reading about economics, history, or politics.

I’m doing research in improving machine translation in high-stakes settings, advised by Prof. Niloufar Salehi. Previously, I built a better way to invest in India at Swadesh.

I grew up in New Delhi, India. In Delhi, I led my high school’s tech club and organized one of the largest high school hackathons in the country. When I go home I typically gain about 5 lbs. in butter chicken and naan.




2020 — Now
B.A., Computer Science at University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA

Minors in Public Policy and Design

2006 — 2020
Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram
New Delhi, India

President of the high school technology club. Lead-organized a national technology festival with 3000 students attending from across India. Instructed workshops on design.

Work Experience

2018 — Now
Research Assistant at UC Berkeley School of Information

Research in improving machine translation in high-stakes settings.

2021 — 2021

Built Swadesh Capital, a commercial real estate search engine.

2019 — 2020
Research Intern at Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Stanford Medicine

Built better algorithms for analysis and auto-detection of reflux events in 24h esophageal impedance tests.

Side Projects


A Flappy Bird-inspired terminal game written in Go.


A collection of minimalist, original personal websites with great typography curated by me.


Svelte French Toast provides buttery smooth toast notifications. It's lightweight, customizable, and beautiful by default.

I wrote Svelte French Toast after I searched for an alternative to React Hot Toast for my Svelte project, but couldn't find anything nearly as polished. So I decided to rewrite it in Svelte myself.


Provides an email address for your Discord or Slack community, which you can use to sign up for newsletters, forward emails from your support team’s inbox, and more.


A CSS stylesheet optimized to provide reasonable defaults for most web projects, so you need to do a minimum amount of styling to get something that looks pretty.


Open source, self-hosted alternative to Substack and Revue with subscriber analytics, theming, drafts, and a dashboard. Built on Rails and React.


Browser extension that surfaces contrasting takes on political news as you read. Available for Chrome. Built with transformers and vector search.


Event app for Exun 2018, the 24th annual festival of my high school technology club. Used to deliver 55,000 notifications to hundreds of devices.


A Brainf*** to Go transpiler with some optimizations, including loops. Based on Rob Pike’s famous talk “Lexical Scanning in Go.”


A fast and memory-efficient text truncation utility written in Rust, for use with window managers like i3 and bspwm.



2018 — Now
Berkeley, CA

Lead on the Friends of Alemany Farm project team. Led a team of 7 developers and 1 designer to build a smart farming assistant for Alemany Farm.

Previously lead designer on the project.

2018 — Now

Alumni leader for the Conrad Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to creating collaborative, student-centered opportunities that foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

Previously the first international student ambassador.