Julius Gehrig

Julius Gehrig

Digital Product Designer in Berlin, he / him


6 months ago


I'm a Product Designer with 10 years of experience working on user interfaces for web, desktop, and mobile experiences.



For our Pitch 2.0 release in November 2023 I lead the UI Design of our new AI-based presentation generator. You can give it a try right now directly from the prompt input on pitch.com!


We spend so much time browsing the web that we hardly even think about the browser as an app. And while the web itself has undergone big changes in the last twenty years, browsers have remained largely the same. In 2018 Julius Sohn and I published our shared Bachelor's Thesis called Refresh, a web browser concept for the iPad.

Have a look at our youtube video for an overview, or check out the project website at refresh.study for the full project.

Work Experience

2018 — 2024
  • I joined Pitch as the first employee after the founding team in early 2018. Over the years I worked on most areas of the app, starting with the dashboard and sharing, and over time moved to working primarily on the editor.

  • Between 2020 and 2022 I lead a team that at its height consisted of me and 5 engineers, where I lead the strategy and day to day work of our Data Visualization tools (Charts, Shapes, Tables, Data Integrations).

  • After layoffs and restructuring in late 2022 I went back to an IC role as a Senior Product Designer where I continued work on the Pitch editor.

  • My last big project was leading the UI and flow of our AI-based presentation generator that we launched in November 2023 as part of the Pitch 2.0 release.

2017 — 2017

At Microsoft I worked mostly on the web, iOS and Android Apps of Microsoft To-Do. This included making prototypes for user testing, adapting designs across platforms and coming up with new designs based on data provided by the data science team.

2016 — 2017

At boana I designed pitchdecks, iOS App UI, and websites for a range of clients. I also helped work on the updated agency website.

2015 — 2016

During my time as a UI Designer at Native Instruments I worked on designing User Interfaces for the NI KOMPLETE downloader, The Symphony Series String / Brass Ensemble, and the effect plugin REPLIKA XT. Besides designing UI I worked closely with developers on implementing it in the live software.

2014 — 2014

My work as an GUI Design Intern at Native Instruments included designing UI for KONTAKT 5 and designing / producing UI for REAKTOR 6.