Julien Bilger

Julien Bilger

Product Growth in Berlin

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I am a product growth manager with a background in data analytics. I am experienced along all stages of the growth funnel. From acquisition over activation to referral.

Work Experience

2022 — 2024
  • Initiated and scaled the Analytics Team from 1 to 12 members and implemented the company’s analytics stack, including tools like Fivetran, Snowflake, dbt, and Metabase.

  • Automated the KPI reporting process, using Fivetran and Airbyte for data ingestion, dbt for data transformation, and Metabase for data visualization. The new reporting process saves analysts 8 hours weekly.

  • Managed the event taxonomy (200+ events) and collaborated with 4 product teams on feature releases, defining events and properties to measure feature impact and performance.
    Acted as an embedded analyst for 3 product teams, analyzing user data and providing recommendations to improve feature discovery, activation, and usage.

  • Designed and implemented a product analytics framework to help teams self-serve insights on feature activation, adoption, and retention, initially piloting with 3 features and expanding to 32 features.

  • Developed a user stitching model using Segment, SQL, and dbt to connect pre-signup and post-signup user data, enabling a complete view of the customer journey.

  • Redesigned the marketing channel definition and attribution model, which increased attributable signups from ~54% to ~70% (aligning with industry benchmarks).

2019 — 2022
  • Worked with the head of product growth to design and measure 3 growth loops (funnels). Work included investigating and fixing all tracking gaps, and building dbt models to measure those funnels.

  • Served as the company expert in Amplitude and increased weekly Amplitude usage from 26% to over 60% by organizing quarterly workshops to educate product managers, designers, and engineers on funnel creation, user segmentation, and event analysis.

  • Assisted in securing $85 million in Series B funding as lead analyst. Analysed behavioral user data and collaborated closely with company’s senior leadership.

  • Designed the Template Strategy, achieving over 120k annual signups by conducting market and SEO research, creating over 70 templates, and working with SEO agencies.

2018 — 2019
  • Worked closely with 4 companies on acquisition and user research during the Metro Accelerator for Retail, powered by Techstars.
2016 — 2017
  • Led a team of 9, enhancing dial-up reliability by 40% and reducing customer churn by 29%.

  • Implemented Mixpanel for product analytics and designed event taxonomy.

  • Introduced a new streaming and screen-sharing solution, improving MRR and CLTV by 35% and 31%, respectively.

  • Focused on mobile-first design to increase video chat usability.


2017 — 2019
Co-founder & organizer at traction
  • Designed event concept to connect students with technology companies.

  • Organized 2 events with +100 and +200 participants respectively.

  • Speakers included founders from early and late stage companies (e.g. Founder & CEO at Omio, Co-founder & CMO at Foodpanda, VP Global Sales at Adyen, CEO of Miles), as well as politicians (e.g. Dorothea Bär, Germany's Minister for Digitalisation and investors), Investors (e.g. Partner at Lakestar)

2016 — 2016
  • Organized a 3-day hackathon in Berlin with +200 participants.


2017 — 2019
Berlin, London, Paris
  • Specialization: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Corporate Finance

  • Grade percentile: 91%

2017 — 2017
  • Student Ranking: #1 out of 80

  • Grade: 8,91/10
    Grade percentile: 100%

2013 — 2016
  • Specialization: Corporate finance, entrepreneurship, marketing

  • Bachelor thesis: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Marketing, 1.0

  • Grade percentile: 95%

2015 — 2015
  • Study Abroad Semester

  • Grade: 18.32 / 20
    Grade percentile: 95%