Julie Zhuo

Julie Zhuo

Co-founder, Sundial in San Francisco Bay Area


Currently, I'm building Sundial (sundial.so). Formerly I was the VP of design for Facebook's consumer app. "The Making of a Manager" is my bestselling book on management. I angel invest in founders and companies I want to see more of.

I reflect often. I love learning. I believe builders diagnose with data and treat with design. 🍜🍜👀

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Work Experience

2020 — Now
Bay Area, Bangalore

Helping builders make more intentional decisions with data.

We are pioneering some innovative ways to automate insights and tell compelling stories with data. Our team is amazing and I love the learning and collaboration that happens every day in our journey.

Are you a curious and kind engineer or data scientist who strives for excellence? Come join us!

2006 — 2020
Menlo Park, CA

I started out as a product designer at Facebook. Some cool things I launched in my first years:

  • First version of Facebook's 3rd-party platform and Connect with Facebook
  • External like button and comment widget
  • Notifications
  • Typeahead search (conceived and built overnight as a hackathon project)
  • A side-project Facebook App called (fluff)Friends that was used by millions

A few years later, I started managing portions of the design team. I grew from manager to director to VP overseeing design and research for the Facebook consumer product.

Projects I supported as a manager:

  • Many redesigns on web and mobile (including going from hamburger menus to tabs, from blue bars to white bars, from small stories to big ones)
  • News feed, sharing, profiles, groups/communities
  • Reactions
  • Workplace
  • Many Creative Lab app experiments
  • Facebook Paper
  • Facebook Home



Great managers are made, not born.

The Making of a Manager is a modern field guide for new and growing managers. It's everything I would tell you if we had a long coffee together, born from me making just about every mistake you can.

It covers topics like:

  • What is management?
  • How do you get started as a manager
  • What should you talk about in a 1:1
  • How to run meetings
  • How to hire
  • How to manage managers

and more.


2006 — 2006
MS Computer Science, HCI at Stanford University
2002 — 2006
BS Computer Science at Stanford University