Judicaël Andriamahandry

Judicaël Andriamahandry

Frontend engineer in Madagascar, He/Him


6 months ago


Hi, I'm Judicaël, passionate about frontend stuff (mainly react and typescript), open source enthusiast

Side Projects


Miro but built with Tldraw

Browser in browser (WIP)

Mini browser for your project


A slide for developers using markdown

Work Experience

2023 — Now
Remote (San Diego)

Leading the Tldraw integration

2023 — 2023
Frontend Engineer at TCM

Led the frontend development app, used the technology Nuxtjs and typescript

2022 — 2023
Frontend Engineer at DWS
Remote (New zealand)

- Maintained and developed the web app for Bungy; Technology used : Reactjs, typescript, signalR
- Led the development of a pwa for Bungy using Nextjs, typescript; testing using playwright web and react testing library;
- Led the development of mobile app, we used React Native (expo), typescript on the frontend

2022 — 2022
Hong kong

Took the lead in developing Flydesk 2.0 from Wordpress to Nextjs, which improved the experience of our paying clients.
Introduced best practices and design patterns to improve the User Experience and the Developer Experience; Also added integration test and End to End test using cypress, testing library, and jest to be more confident with the code we ship.

2022 — 2022
London (Remote)
  • Maintained tldraw v1, added new features, and fixing bugs
  • Help new contributors to be familiar with the codebase, help the user to add tldraw to their project, and answer discussions in the repository
  • Work with the team to help them develop the tldraw v2, by adding new features, fixing bugs, worked as QA to identify bugs. Suggesting new features to make the User Experience great;
2021 — 2022

A low code, no code AI platform

2018 — 2022
fullstack js developer at Freelance
  • Built an eLearning website using codeigniter
  • Freelance web designer for a company in Canada
  • Built a portfolio for a Machine learning engineer using Nextjs and typescript
  • Developed a mobile application (PWA) using vuejs
  • Lead a team to build an online dating app, doing code review, helping them to improve the codebase, and writing a clean code (Tech used: Nextjs, typescript, GraphQL)


2015 — 2021
Master Computer Science at ENI Fianarantsoa