Joshua Gilmer

Joshua Gilmer

Product and Experience Design in Birmingham, AL, He/Him/His

Looking for a Designer Founder or high level product design role.

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Full Sail grad (2X) 🎓🎓, Full-time dad (2X) 👶🏼👶🏼, Gamification FTW 🎯, Video games 🕹, Architecture ⛩, Art 🎨, Cryptocurrency ₿

Work Experience

2021 — 2024
Birmingham, AL

As Linq's inaugural full-time designer and pivotal early team member (#17), I had incredible impact on the company.

At Linq I helped:

  • Build out a world-class design and experience team. My team was consistently praised and regarded as indispensable to the company. I write job descriptions, review applications, interview candidates, create and administer design challenges.

  • Quadruple our ARR (4.5x 📈)—in under 2 years, and during a time when most start-ups were shifting from "growth at any cost" to "default alive" strategies—and proving the ROI of good UX design.

  • Craft the first version of our design system. Provided engineering with AWD (Align with Design) cross-functional collaborative feedback. Documented and trained our team on design system use and iterative improvement. Created a scalable and replicable product aesthetic grounded in the Linq brand. The results of these efforts were highly cohesive experiences built on faster product development cycles.

  • Add countless product features and customer journeys. In my first year alone I was involved at a high level on over 44 features shipped, requiring me to personally design more than 550 screens.

  • Perform research in sources like amplitude to identify data-driven design insights, and directly link our work to enhanced user engagement, stickiness and product performance.

  • Lead internal multi-disciplinary brainstorming workshops to understand department needs, foster company-wide culture of innovation and earn stakeholder buy-in for future feature recommendations.

2018 — 2021
Birmingham, AL

Embedded UI/UX (User Interface / User Experience) partner on SAFe Agile team responsible for modernizing all digital account origination in an omni-channel solution built primarily in React with Redux/MobX.

■ Product design and product management.
■ Early front-end developer responsible for creating React-based UI form components as well as some stateless functional components.
■ Helped bridge strategic partners, solution experts, UI/UX, legal, risk, compliance, product owners, scrum masters and other stakeholders into formation of approved prototypes through direct leadership, communication, problem solving and teamwork.
■ Delivered designs meeting all regulatory and policy hurdles, including readiness deadlines for development and production release.
■ Crafted product designs including interactive prototypes for new products and application flows primarily in Sketch and Invision.
■ Attended product demos, stand-ups, backlog refinements, retrospectives and ensured development stayed true to the look and feel and to the intended interactions previously designed.
■ Advocated persistently and with empathy for our end-users (bank customers) using our account origination applications, and both directed and provided feedback to other UI/UX design team members.
■ Conceptualized solutions that were the product of research and solid design thinking which in many cases exceeded usability and ADA (Accessibility) requirements.

2016 — 2018
Birmingham, AL

Primarily developed very highly scrutinized and legally reviewed websites for the ViiV brand of GlaxoSmithKline. Responsible for completing self-management chores that aided project managers,
including working in Jira, connecting Git commits to tickets, and deploying code via the same commits in Jenkins. Created in-house solutions to streamline project workflows within our SOC2 compliance. Used libraries and tech stacks including Ember, Vue, Express, Axios, lodash, React and Redux.

■ Developed websites for prominent brands including GSK, Little Debbie, the SEC, The Civil Rights Trail, Schönox and Brasfield & Gorrie.
■ Helped bridge project managers with partnering agencies such as McCann to better understand project goals, time tables and limitations.
■ Highly leveraged GTM (Google Tag Manager) to track a myriad of events, ad conversions and external analytics scripts.
■ Consulted with co-workers outside my department to help with deployment, analytics and UI/UX.
■ Used site generators such as Hugo to build sites legally required to abstain from using any CMS or dynamically generated content.

2015 — 2016
Birmingham, AL

Supported over 300 active, primarily WordPress client websites and added new features and functionality to existing client websites. Converted older websites to WordPress and/or responsive designs and tackled all project overflow from production team. Clients included Coca-Cola United and Tazikis.

■ Blazed a trail for staff adoption of SASS/SCSS and orchestrated move from Hybrid theme development to a proprietary Underscore theme build.
■ Built numerous WordPress websites from various stages of design and development to production deployment and beyond.
■ Teamed up with other support and production staff to whitelist 3rd-party plugin use, brainstorm project workflows and educate on new coding techniques and solutions.
■ Balanced multiple development projects against incoming support tickets weighted by estimated turnaround and urgency.

2014 — 2015
Web Developer at Education Corporation of America
Birmingham, AL

Worked with a small team within the marketing department of ECA which handled design and development of all the web properties in-house for the websites of Virginia College, Culinard, the New England College of Business and Ecotech.

■ Lead designer and developer , Ecotech and Golf Academies of America websites.
■ Created design wireframes, mock-ups and interactive designs for websites, responsive sites and micro-sites.
■ Worked within ECA’s tech stack which relied heavily on Adobe software, including ColdFusion.
■ Completed design for digital advertising and social media ads and posts.

2013 — 2014
Creative Director & Senior Web Developer at Labyrinth Holdings
Birmingham, AL

Provided creative and art direction, talent recruitment and web app development for a holding company housing numerous digital properties including over a dozen digital magazines and a real-estate cloud marketing SaaS application.

■ Crafted service offerings around content marketing packages.
■ Established project workflow protocols to seamlessly execute client jobs.
■ Built a team of highly talented designers, copywriters, marketers and IT professionals from the ground up.
■ Directed the design of high-profile outdoors and sports magazines for Okuma and Mossy Oak.
■ Built an internal intranet and company sales portal with supporting sales collateral in WordPress.
■ Managed over a dozen web properties and their corresponding social media presence.

2010 — 2011
Birmingham, AL

Completed internship with a focus on project management—with duties including WordPress web design and development—all completed under the tutelage of owner, Jay Brandrup.

■ Attended client meetings, and drafted requests for proposal from meeting notes and internal follow-up meetings.
■ Guided client projects through Kinetic’s detailed process gauntlet.
■ Created an augmented reality interactive display for the Kinetic open house.

2009 — 2009
Graphic Designer at Melior, Today's Class
Birmingham, AL

Responsible for hair and cloth computer generated simulations. Created supporting graphics for user interfaces and e-learning modules.

■ Simulation VFX and computer generated modeling, texturing and rendering for cloth and hair graphics.
■ Created a cloud lecture builder for teachers using Adobe Flash merging Actionscript 2.0 and 3.0 SWFs.

2004 — 2006
Student Work Study at Virginia College
Birmingham, AL

Professor’s aid, lab instructor and monitor while attending VC for a degree in game design, before transferring to Full Sail University.

■ Taught classes on material editing and rendering in 3D Studio Max.
■ Environment modeler, texture artist and renderer on a college commercial which increased program enrollment over 25% in one semester.

2000 — 2000
Drive Thru Attendant at McDonald's
Gardendale, AL

Mopped, cleaned bathrooms, grease traps, fry hoppers, took orders and was employee of the month.


2010 — 2010
Winter Park, FL

Earned Course Director's Award.


2021 — 2023
Homewood, AL

Member of the development committee and finance committee.


Eagle Scout from Boy Scouts of America


Lean Six Sigma Green Belt from ICGB