Jordan Borth

Jordan Borth

Product & UI Designer in Salt Spring Island, BC, He/Him


I've spent the last 13 years working remotely in a variety of team environments and contexts to help balance and distill business, product and customer goals into simple, elegant and intuitive digital products.

My expertise lies in designing native applications for macOS, iOS and Android. I strive to design products that get the details right, that feel great to use and that meet my own meticulous standards and expectations. I’m interested in working on projects that provide clear value, are something I’d want to use myself, or that solve a higher goal.

A decade of working remotely means I’m a natural collaborator and a great communicator. I’m able to develop and present design ideas clearly and thrive when working closely in cross-functional, technical, team environments. I’ve found success by leaving my ego at the door, researching and talking with people, sharing early and often and constantly iterating in order to arrive at the best solution possible.

I believe in less, but better and that simple and intentional design improves our lives.

Work Experience

2023 — Now
2021 — 2023
Salt Spring Island, BC

I joined Twitter through the acquisition of Quill in December 2021. Initially focused on making DMs more useful and expressive, I transitioned to the off-platform growth team.

"Tracking Ahead. I have received nothing but sparkling feedback for Jordan this quarter. He's fast, creative, and incredibly collaborative. He brings a bias to shipping that his peers in eng and product appreciate so much. He shipped a ton of work this quarter and has built strong relationships with XFN." —Jibran Kutik, Director of Product Design.

2019 — 2021
Salt Spring Island, BC

I was the second hire and first designer at Quill. I was responsible for defining and leading product, from high-level concepts and feature ideation to final execution and deliverables across Desktop, iOS and Android. Alongside design, I contributed to People Ops, hiring and setting high-level company vision and priorities.

Quill was acquired by Twitter in December 2021.

2018 — 2019
Salt Spring Island, BC

MetaLab was my first agency experience and I worked on a variety of projects across sectors. Responsibilities included translating stakeholder goals, user research, and complex user flows into simple UIs, delivering compelling design rationales in both client and internal contexts and being comfortable doing so on tight timelines and with various levels of ambiguity.

Key projects at MetaLab included:

Addepar, a wealth management platform.

  • I worked hand-in-hand with our in-house iOS engineers and Addepar's technical team to build their iOS application from the ground up.
  • I was part of a small research group that reimagined how Addepar could serve the next generation. This was conducted through usability sessions, market research, interviews and surveys and cumulated with a visit to Addepar's Mountain View office to present our findings to stake holders and executives.

Threads, a modern forum for work.

  • MetaLab worked with Threads to design v1 of their product across web and mobile. I was responsible for designing core features of the app including the thread composer: "The entire team is talking about just how much you crushed the composer work. Can't wait to see all of the amazing things that you build and ship […]. Please keep in touch, and hope we get to work together one day in the future!" —Rousseau Kazi, CEO & Founder of Threads.
2011 — 2018
Founder & Designer at Crispy Pixels

Over the last 10+ years I've worked remotely with teams around the world to help balance and distill their business, product and customer goals into simple, elegant and intuitive digital products.

2015 — 2017

I worked with Flinto on multiple occasions to help them ship major features. My role has encompassed research through final execution and deliverables. As a 5 person engineering and design team, communication was paramount and iteration constant.

I contributed UI, exploration, research and prototypes for the all-new behaviour designer, updated and refined transition designer and new document creation workflow.

Contributions include:

  • Rectangle tool properties inspector
  • Gesture sound support
  • Link line gesture indicators
  • Transition manager
  • Inspector tweaks and refinements
  • Various icons and interface tweaks
  • Dark Mode UI

“We worked with Jordan several times as a freelance designer. He worked on the design of major features that shipped and were very well received by our customers. In a sea of visual designers, it’s hard to find true UI designers who take an analytical approach. Jordan is one of the few designers with a deep understanding and appreciation for macOS UI design, but he is equally at home working on iOS and Web designs.” —Nathan Manousos, Co-Founder of Flinto

2017 — 2017
San Francisco

I worked at Square as a Product Designer on the Appointments product for iPhone and iPad. I was responsible for all UI/UX related tasks and acted a strong advocate for the customer. I spent time conducting research and usability sessions, both over the phone and onsite. Designing products at Square is truly a cross functional process, and I was often interfacing with some or all of: management, engineering, risk, hardware, data, marketing, legal, compliance and more.

My major projects at Square included:

  • Adding new transaction linking functionality to for iOS, enabling products and services to be added and checked out alongside appointments.
  • Redesigning appointment details in order to have a complete record of the transaction services, items, discounts, taxes, tips, tenders and to clearly indicate that the appointment was paid.
  • A new Appointments Point of Sale application, integrating full Point of Sale functionality with the
  • Many other smaller tasks and projects including redesigned calendar states, settings screens and client details.

My managers were impressed with what I was able to accomplish in my short time there and how quickly I was able to get integrated and start contributing.

"While at Square, I worked with Jordan on the company’s Appointments product — a suite of tools geared towards professional services-based merchants in the beauty, fitness, and contractor verticals. Jordan really cares not only about the quality of the work, but the process in creating it too. Whether he was interacting with engineers on the team, other designers or stakeholders across business and product, Jordan was able to navigate complex problems and come up with design solutions that were as elegant as they were functional. Jordan’s time at Square, while short, was very impactful, and I’d work with him again in a heartbeat." —Dave Johannes, Managing Design Director at Square


2009 — 2011
Interactive Design Diploma at Capilano University
North Vancouver, BC