Joey Banks

Joey Banks

Design systems @ Baseline in Columbus, OH, He/him

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I love making the things that help others do their thing.

Work Experience

2021 — Now

Baseline Design, LLC is a little company I started in 2021 to help anyone and everyone become more comfortable and confident with Figma and with the world of design systems.

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San Francisco, CA
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I'm SO excited to finally share that my new iPadOS 16 UI Kit for Figma is now available! This file comes with hundreds of components, complete with Auto Layout, light and dark themes, templates, and more to help you bring your ideas to life for iPad. ✨🎨


I'm beyond excited to share this year's iOS 16 UI Kit for Figma with the community! This file contains hundreds of components, templates, demos, and everything else needed to help you start designing for iOS. Each component has been created with the latest version of Auto Layout, supports Component Properties, variants, Light and Dark Mode, and much more.


With Apple's latest release of macOS Monterey now available, I'm really excited to share a UI kit for Figma that includes many of the OS-level components needed to get started with any project for the Mac.


I was unbelievably excited to share this year's iOS 15 UI Kit on the Figma Community, where my goal was to include everything one might need to begin designing.

Months of fun, nerdy, creating went into this and every component has been recreated and refactored to now work even better with Figma's Variants and updated Auto Layout features.

Side Projects


I love making things for others to use, especially when it comes to keeping files in Figma organized. This new file thumbnail UI kit has dozens of variants for adding teammates, descriptions, custom statuses, & more.


I’ve had several close friends face unexpected, difficult layoffs, and while super small, I wanted to try to do something to help. I just published a file with a few auto layout resume templates, to remix, use, customize, & call your own.


This week we are joined by special guest Joey Banks to talk about Apple's WWDC announcements and give some of our thoughts on the design decisions behind these new releases of iOS, iPadOS, macOS and more.


This week, we caught up with Joey Banks to talk about contributing to open source design. In the Sidebar, we ask Joey bonus questions about ramping up in a new job, the design advocate role, and more.


Interview conducted by Michelle Berois on May 22, 2020


Today we caught up with Joey Banks, a designer here in SF, previously at Scoot Networks. Joey is a self-described junior designer, and in today's show we dig into his journy in the industry, his next projects, what makes a good mentor, how to build your network and more.


Guest Speaker at User Experience Design, General Assembly


2011 — 2015
Bachelor's, Interactive Media Studies, Web Development & Design at Miami University
Oxford, OH