Joel Carr

Joel Carr

Senior Engineer and Tech Lead in London, United Kingdom, he/him


I have over 11 years of industry experience working in a large range of sectors including charity, international news publishing, and creative advertising. I drive to remove any friction engineers face when solving vital business needs and empower them to produce their best quality work.

Work Experience

2022 — Now

Leading the "Platforms" who build and publish processes to enable teams across the Customer Products (CP) group to build features without friction. Most recently we built a Node 18 migration script that will do all the dependency and configuration updates needed for a feature team to update their Systems / Published Packages to support the latest Node LTS version. I have been performing updates of the migration across the CP group with building a dashboard to track the progress.

The team is built up of 4 engineers and has a responsibility for a large estate which is depended on across the business. I have designed a collaboration process to ensure teams requiring changes in our estate get the attention they deserve whilst allowing our team to continue work on our OKRs.

I have also been the Line Manager for the Senior Engineers in the team and have coached one of these engineers to become a Tech Lead.

2021 — 2022

Worked in the feature team for the Accounts & Settings pages. Lead the development of supporting new subscription terms. Working with a API team in Bulgaria that was still developing our requirements, I arranged a API contract with the team and built a mock service to ensure our engineers were able to continue developing support for the new terms across multiple applications.

I created a collaboration process and Slack channel for shared libraries in partnership with the Acquisition team to reduce the breaking changes happening across the teams.

I managed a couple of engineers including coaching an engineer to be promoted to Senior Engineer.

2020 — 2021

Worked on building the new site. Built a collection of React components ensuring that unique design flourishes were adaptable to the dynamic content being set.

2019 — 2019

Worked on the consultancy's first Drupal 8 project. I structured the project to allow engineers to build accessible and performant UI components without Drupal experience whilst maintaining Drupal's standards. An engineer would build components using Fractal, which they use for other non Drupal projects, and the Drupal site would consume the same component template.

2017 — 2019

I was part of a new digital transformation team creating their new digital standards and tooling in the form of a Design System. The Design System could then be used to rapidly build researched prototypes aimed to assist service workers and children under Barnardo’s care.

2017 — 2017

Worked as part of a “delivery team” ensuring the delivery of fast performant, accessible, high quality websites for brands such as Max Factor and Escada. I built upon reusable components to be used across each of the different brands.

2016 — 2017

I was responsible for updating the Angular application to use established practices along with building and building upon a public Javascript and Rails API.

2015 — 2016

I built the UI for an application with a fast growing user-base and maintained the Rails API along with Node microservices. I ensured to use the latest practices to deliver the best performance.

2012 — 2015

I worked on the successful delivery, sometimes as Tech Lead, on a range projects for well known organisations like Sainsbury’s, Barclays, The FA, and Post Office.


2014 — 2019
Coach at codebar

Have been a coach at codebar in London where I will pair with a Student with a defined coding exercise, work through a tutorial, or help with a personal project of theirs.


2009 — 2012
Interactive Media Production — BA (Hons) First Class Honours Degree at Bournemouth University