Jessica Chang

Jessica Chang

Designer in New York, she/hers


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My portfolio is on my resumé.

I'm Shanghainese-Taiwanese-American. My multicultural background has made diversity and inclusion a core part of my values, along with craft, creativity, execution, and discipline.

Work Experience

2023 — Now
Senior Product Designer at Asana

Lead designer on Clarity, Coordinate, Track Anything.

I'm currently working to unify all core project view fields, while introducing new ones such as Formulas and Time tracking.

2022 — Now

Leading design and creative direction for
Backed by Collab + Currency, SV Angel, Coinbase Ventures, and more.

2021 — 2022

Led design for Agent experience of Batphone rebooking tool as part of Aircover+ (, which helped increased rebooking rate from 29% to 69%

Designer on Community Support Platform team used by 10k agents.

3 way calling for Urgent Support Line to provide translation services (i.e. Japan Olympics 2021).

Founding team member of Internal Tools Design Language System

2017 — 2019

First product designer hired early senior year of college ~20 employees, joined 8 months later, and left around ~3K employees; interviewed directly with CEO and CTO in senior year of university.

Helped set up hiring process and built design team of 6 interviewing hundreds of candidates from Series A to Series D. Samsara IPO’d two years later.

Led design for four core product areas: Routing & Dispatch, Messaging & Documents, for both desktop and mobile, all later enveloping under Core Fleet. First two projects alone generated $4MM in deals within a month.

Built the foundations of Cloud design system, documenting components and working with engineering to implement them into Storybook


2013 — 2017
BA Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley

Side Projects


Newsletter I write on third spaces.

Member at VectorDAO

Season_02, Venice Music marketplace (

The Water House at Temporary Office

In collaboration with Yee Foo Lai and Ellen Huang



Second author for our publication under Cesar Torres, Ph.D. and Professor Eric Paulos Ph.D.

hf0 - hacker fellow from Backend Capital
a16z Generation Design Fellow Cycle IV from a16z