Jerry Hong

Jerry Hong

New York, NY, he/him


Designer and researcher fascinated by dynamic digital experiences, tools for thought, and the new modes of interaction AI offers. Detail obsessor, systems thinker, lover of theory.

Work Experience

2022 — Now

ai and also uhh sync and search and other foundations

2022 — 2023

Researching compositionality in vision-language models. All my love to Ranjay Krishna and my brilliant co-authors.

2021 — 2021

Explored filesystems that tie data closely to vector embeddings to enable easy few-shot model creation.

2021 — 2021

Sole designer. Recreated core features + a design system from scratch and inspired along the way.

2021 — 2021

Automated bespoke data visualizations and a 20-second Figma plugin to help designers adapt to any college.

2020 — 2020

Made tagging far more robust and shaped my intellectual aspirations along the way. Quite a team.



can big model that read and see glue concept together good?
Co-first author. Accepted to CVPR 2023.
Highlight paper (top 2.5% of submissions!)




Elevating the standard of design for the future of job search.


Tagging features for facilitating a unified language within teams. Adopted by a quarter of Reduct projects to date.


2019 — 2020
Residential Assistant at Stanford University

Shaping community and designing assets n' merch for West Flo, the hidden gem of Stanford. Yeah I said it.

2020 — 2020

Zoom-taught 20 eager Palestinian students the human-centered design process.


Henry Ford II Scholar Award from Stanford

to my profound shame I was not in person to pick up this award:…

Terman Engineering Scholastic Award

one of the top 30 academic performers amongst graduating seniors in Stanford's School of Engineering

J.E. Wallace Sterling Award

one of the top 25 academic performers amongst graduating seniors in Stanford's School of Humanities and Sciences

Side Projects


hopefully will be a canvas of stupid web experiments

West Flodiac at Stanford University

Developing a visual identity and language for the West Florence Moore community.


2021 — 2022
M.S. Computer Science at Stanford

artificial intelligence whee yipee

2017 — 2022
B.S. Design in Computer Science + B.S. Mathematics at Stanford

hmu if you're curious about designing your own major