Jenn Lee

Jenn Lee

Product Designer in NYC, She/her

NYC-based Product Designer passionate about designing intuitive solutions for AI/ML products to empower people to achieve more :) Currently @ Cruise supporting internal data/ML tools for autonomous vehicles.

2 months ago

Work Experience

2023 — Now
San Francisco

Product Design for AI/ML tools for autonomous vehicle development

2022 — 2023
San Francisco

Product Design for Meta's internal AI/ML ML experimentation + Ops tools

2020 — 2022
Redwood City, CA

Leading research and design for core functionalities in complex end-to-end machine learning flows, driving product experience (long-term vision and short-term feature and functionality enhancements), and closely collaborating with data science, PM, Engineering to understand core technical workflow needs.

2019 — 2020
Austin, TX

Responsible for data visualization, information architecture, wireframes, and prototypes for triangulating different data sources to visualize and quantify IoT building analytics for workplace experiences at IBM Watson IoT. Conducted user interviews and moderated/unmoderated user testing throughout multiple stages of product development and concept.

2018 — 2018
Cambridge, MA

Responsible for conducting user research, usability testing, interaction flows, wireframe iterations, and prototypes to work towards elevating developer experiences on Google Firebase.

2017 — 2017
Austin, TX

Worked on an Agile team of 8 people on redesigning an existing experience within the USAA mobile app. I was responsible for mapping out and wireframing early navigation flows for concept exploration, analyzing user testing results, and concept direction synthesis.

2016 — 2016
UX Designer (Internship) at Beakinship

Worked remotely with a small group of people in the first sprint of Beakinship, a business consultation startup. Responsible for delivering rough navigation flows, icons illustrations, and landing page layouts.



This project was created out of a 2 month-long IBM residency program at the Watson IoT Headquarters Center in Munich, Germany. Our team was given a brief and light supervision to create a working solution by the end of the residency.


Weather-related disasters have the potential to cause devastating impact on community infrastructure, families, and lives. The current state of hurricane relief can be broken down into pre-hurricane preparation and post-hurricane recovery. However, many problems exist in both stages of overall hurricane relief from both the citizen and government perspective; these problems range from the ambiguous information experience of storm preparation, to slow repair protocols for infrastructure damage. In this paper we propose Dawn, a local weather information tool that improves the process of information retrieval and city-wide recovery from hurricanes for citizens and local governments. Dawn targets some of the key problems found in primary and secondary research regarding hurricane preparation and relief. The design provides local government Emergency Management Agencies (EMAs) with a drone swarm weather monitoring system to assess infrastructure damage costs on a large scale, and citizens with hyperlocal weather information based on their specific locations.



AI may still seem like a futuristic technology to some, but its applications are already present in many products and experiences today. While many people are familiar with how AI can help with the personalization and customization of consumer-facing products like social media, there are plenty of ways this powerful technology can aid in enterprise-facing use cases for a variety of industries like smart cities, healthcare, and more. In this talk, we'll go over an introduction to some basic principles of designing around products involving data and AI.

Savannah, GA

Introduction to current and emerging technology trends and research, meant to inspire students competing in a week-long product design competition, SCAD Startup.

Product Design Workshop at Girls Who Code
Cambridge, MA

Co-facilitated an educational workshop for Girls Who Code, focused on the product design and research process and a light introduction to Sketch.

Savannah, GA

Educational lesson for SCAD FLUX on designing and prototyping with Sketch and Principle.


Test from Coursera