J Bank

J Bank

Product & Brand Designer in Sydney


For the past decade, I've been dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes thrive through high-impact design. With a keen interest in technology, I bring a unique skill set to every project: a blend of creativity and pragmatism, a deep understanding of the tech landscape, a data-informed approach, and the ability to take calculated risks when necessary.

In addition to my experience in collaborative team environments, I've also pursued my passion for creating digital products and entrepreneurship.

My goal is to work with like-minded individuals who share a common vision of making the world a better place through our work.

Work Experience

2016 — Now

Helping clients like AKQA, Bilue and Big Red Group thrive with high impact design. My aim is to provide design expertise that helps businesses better serve their customers and exceed project expectations.

2017 — Now
Sydney, Australia

As the company designer, I manage the product design and brand experience for all Spotto systems. Spotto is an asset tracking and visibility system which reduces equipment loss and misplacement through smart technology. In order to achieve this, I've designed a system which is both usable by anyone without technical competency while remaining powerfully versatile.

2017 — 2017
Sydney, Australia

As a designer for the Big Red Group, I was tasked with improving the mobile user journey and ultimately assisting in conversion rate uplift of the RedBalloon consumer website. In my ten months supporting the team, we were successful in improving mobile conversion rate drastically by almost a percent.

2015 — 2016
Sydney, Australia

At Karbon I was tasked with marketing design tasks including KarbonHQ.com, event materials and other marketing collateral. Inspired by fashion and objects of desire, the goal was to make accountants feel revered through great product that could improve their professional lives.

2013 — 2014
Wellington, New Zealand

I was charged with designing key sections in the xero.com customer journey during a high growth phase of the company. Conducted user testing, rapid design iteration and close collaboration with engineering colleagues.

2013 — 2013
Wellington, New Zealand


2009 — 2012
Wellington, New Zealand

Maj. Visual Communication Design with Honours