Interaction designer + developer in India, he/him


Aiming to craft intuitive products and humane user interfaces. Very interested in enabling new experiences through untapped technology. Design is my philosophy, code is my tool (besides Figma).



Work Experience

2021 — Now
Product Designer at Jio
  1. Worked on improving engagement and user delight in Ajio Business. Designed a successful Digital Events Platform to bring virtual trade shows to retailers across India.

    Streamlined rewards and offers as effective tools in impacting user behaviour and build loyalty; designed a comprehensive framework and toolkit to build and run reward schemes that can impact specific user metrics.

  2. Working on Swadesh, marketplace for artistic handicrafts from all over India. Experimenting with refined yet innovative user experiences with Generative AI.


Digital Twin Interface for Vertical Machining Centres at National Centre for Aeronautics Innovation and Research, IIT Bombay

Designed a bespoke digital twin interface with useful complications for machining tool operators. Deeply understood the workings of the machines as well as the psyche of the operators to build a useful system on top of the innovative IoT project from NCAIR.


A location-based Augmented Reality game for young travellers that aims to provide fun experience walking around the city of Augsburg. It takes user to spots that are not-so-popular and lets them perform interactions related to local traditions with phone movements.


Implementing a novel but practical solution to navigation in three-dimensional Human-Computer Interfaces. Tesseract presents a 3D physical space within which the user can operate with six degrees of freedom (translation and rotation in X-Y-Z axes).



2023 — 2024
Jio Certified Flutter Developer from Jio Platforms Limited (JPL)