Jason Axelson

Jason Axelson

Engineering Manager in Honolulu


I like to learn and I love working with Elixir. I've just begun my journey into the recesses of the map making world but it's been fascinating! It's amazingly wide and deep.

Side Projects


I help maintain ElixirLS which is one of the primary developer tools for the Elixir programming language.


Austin, Texas

I talk about the programs I've written to run on a Raspberry Pi that sits on my desk and hopefully inspire other developers to write their own workflow automation tool. My tools have become a valued part of my daily workflow and are written in Elixir with the Scenic, Phoenix, and BlueHeron libraries.


I show and describe a tool I built to help Elixir developers understand why projects recompile so many files with each change along with some techniques to locate and minimize recompilation.


Work Experience

2021 — Now

I work on the app side of Felt where we're building great mapping software so that anyone can make a nice map!

2020 — 2021
Los Angeles/Remote
  • Creating a mixed reality game that combines physical components with AR-based puzzles using the Unity game engine
  • Launched a global Phoenix LiveView application that served bursts of traffic that exceeded 400 RPS
  • Created a DSL that allowed non-technical team members to author game logic and story text
2015 — 2020
Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Created an Elixir-based real-time chat service with image sharing, multi-part messages, and per-user global presence
  • Extended REST and GraphQL APIs on Phoenix and Rails to scale to 41 RPS and support multiple clients
  • Created a robust and customizable notification system
  • Re-wrote the web front-end as a React SPA with live updates