Janosch Tillich

Janosch Tillich

Interaction Designer in Zurich, Switzerland

Exploring how systems work and designing how they should instead. Enabling people to do things they never thought they could.

6 months ago

Work Experience

2023 — Now
Zurich, Switzerland
2023 — 2024
Beringen, Switzerland

Developed seamless user experiences for packaging machine operators, involving user research, testing various concepts for error message identification, as well as concept and interface design to achieve simplified and rapid format changes.

2020 — 2020
Chur, Switzerland

Efficiently capture and interpret physical spaces using 3D Lidar scans. Extract and integrate objects into GIS/CAD systems, ensuring precision and relevant attribute annotation.

2018 — 2019
Bonaduz, Switzerland

Automation technician for customized solutions of automated liquid handling equipment.

2016 — 2017
Zizers, Switzerland

Experienced automation technician in the field of pipetting robots, culture media production and sterilization.

Side Projects


I was responsible for procuring unique products, with a particular focus on limited and special edition sneakers. This involved purchasing these items while keeping abreast of the latest trends, in order to remain competitive and contribute to the overall store experience.


The Made in Switzerland Discord Group provides monitors for a variety of european Webshops, with a main focus on sneakers.


Federal Certificate of Competence as an Automation Technician (EFZ) from Office for Vocational Education Graubünden (CH)

Automatiker/In EFZ (Eidgenössisches Fähigkeitszeugnis)