James A Rosen

James A Rosen

Software Engineer in CA, USA, he/him

My career mission is to leverage the world's most powerful force -- capitalism -- to solve our most pressing challenge: climate change.

I am a holistic software engineer. I value and enjoy hands-on full-stack development, coaching, system architecture, testing, monitoring, automation, accessibility, documentation, performance, and more.

5 months ago


Staff engineer: digital transformation, system design, coaching

Web Dev: front-end, back-end, full-stack, platform



Work Experience

2023 — Now
Bay Area, CA

Engineering Strategy (lead): I composed the company's first engineering strategy documentation. Aligning with company values, the document describes how our team values autonomy, the desire to learn, and eventual correctness. We celebrate and take advantage of our diverse skill-sets and viewpoints. We endeavor to meet users where they are.

Engineering lead, front-end: I defined our front-end technology roadmap, planned and executed technology transformations and system-scale refactoring. I led the implementation of major features with a focus on closing deals and enabling customer success.

Key technologies: TypeScript, React, Next.js, NestJS, TypeORM, D3, Nivo

2023 — 2023
Napa, CA

Fractional staff engineer: digital transformation, system design, coaching, web application development, platform engineering

Key technologies: TypeScript, React, Remix, Astro, Redis, Tailwind, Cloudflare, Fastly Compute@Edge

2022 — 2023

Full-stack, full-lifecycle holistic software engineering to help solve the climate crisis.

2019 — 2022
San Francisco, CA
  • Gardening Week (lead): a once-per-quarter opportunity for self-directed work to pay down technical debt and prorotype new technologies and features.
  • Request for Comments (lead): a process and working group to evaluate technological choices. Example topics: CDN providers, geolocation API, Docker, centralized secrets store, feature flags.
  • Digital transformation, CDN (principal engineer): identified selection criteria; evaluated vendors; led prototypes and negotiations. Edge caching reduced page-load time, decreased bounce rate, increased revenue. Edge compute enabled the ecommerce engineering team to safely migrate users to a new mobile experience.
  • Engineering career ladder (major contributor): Created Everlane's first formal career ladder. Defined key technical-, communication-, emotional-intelligence-, and leadership skills for each engineering level. Used the ladder to promote equity and inclusion; guided two reports to promotions within the first year.

Key technologies: React, Next.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, Tailwind, Ruby, Rails, HTTP, Cloudflare, Builder.io, Airtable, Terraform

2014 — 2019
San Francisco
  • RBAC (team lead): improved customer security and enabled sales to larger enterprise customers.
  • TLS management (team lead): built a self-service TLS certificate management system. Enabled more customers to easily secure their traffic; reduced sales-engineering time to configure large accounts.
  • Design System (principal engineer): established a UI component library shared by all Fastly products, whether Ember-based or not.
  • UX team (founder, team lead): onboarded and coached a team of junior developers, some of whom were in their first software-engineering role. One-on-one and group training in agile development, Ember.js, and systems engineering.
  • Digital transformation, UI (team lead): Migrated the primary Fastly UI from Backbone to Ember.js while adding testing, monitoring, and usability and design enhancements. Enabled faster, more confident customer onboarding.

Key technologies: Ember.js, Ruby, Rails, SCSS, SVG, VCL, HTTP

2010 — 2014
San Francisco, CA
  • App Market (principal engineer): Enabled the community to extend the capabilities of the Zendesk platform and integrate it with other services, expanding the reach of the product without commensurate development and maintenance costs.
  • Front-End Operations Team (founding member): Architected and built a framework for dozens of engineers across many teams to build and deliver code that runs together in the same browser process. Improved performance and reliability of HTTP delivery and browser JavaScript.
  • New Zendesk (major contributor): A redesigned experience targeted for high-volume customer support teams
    with Ember.js. Significant contributions to customer research, prototyping, development, and maintenance.

Key technologies: Ember.js, Ruby, Rails, MySQL, jQuery, SCSS, HTTP


2022 — Now
Napa, CA, USA

Working with Napa neighbors to reduce speed and improve the safety on our residential streets.


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