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Side Projects


A public journal where I’ve been sharing my thoughts since 2018 on life, work, and technical topics. I also have a list of all software projects I’ve ever made, even embarrassing ones, and a roll of blogs I enjoy reading.




Work Experience

2024 — Now

WooCommerce, but better.

2020 — 2024
Ames, Iowa, United States

VC-backed startup. We set out to build new payment experiences on the web. It didn’t quite work out, but I learned a lot. An article about us.

2020 — 2021
Des Moines, Iowa, United States
2017 — 2020
Ames, Iowa, United States

Shortly after joining, I introduced a number of engineering practices to the web team and began leading projects. Laravel, PHP, Angular and React (advice to past self, just pick one JS framework).


2016 — 2020
Ames, Iowa, United States