Jackie Zhang

Jackie Zhang

Product Designer in Cape Town, South Africa, He/him


I design tools that help people do their best work.



Explore the world. From home.

  • Redesigned an outdated streaming app for the guides on Heygo, and combined it with the main app, in an effort to make it more accessible for anyone to become a Heygo guide.

A digital transformation company.

  • Helped design the website.
  • Designed the logo and brand of the company.

A software procurement company.
• Redesigned the platform, brand, and logo.


Cape Town

🎯 Main panel discussion topic:
• Creating seamless experiences - We’ll discuss how to enhance conversion and user loyalty.

📢 Breakout room topics:
• Portfolio tips and how to break into the industry
• Cross-functional collaboration in teams - We’ll discuss strategies for successful collaboration between designers, developers, product managers, and other stakeholders.

Work Experience

2023 — Now
Cape Town • Hybrid
  • Owned the designs of various product features that were responsible for the payment process that served 1.3 million monthly active users.

  • Worked closely with the UX team to ensure all experiences were considered and optimal.

  • Assisted in leading and enhancing the design maturity and design system of the team. This resulted in a more robust and consistent design collaboration with developers.

2022 — 2023
  • Owned the designs for a live streaming platform, which hosted sporting events that often saw between 1k to 10k unique visits.

  • Designed the mobile app which powers the events by feeding the event the live stream and the athlete’s GPS data.

  • Working closely with event organisers, I improved Pulse's interface, contributing to the success of the events. This built trust in Pulse, attracting more events. Within a year, the number of hosted events soared from 1 to 33 events.

2021 — 2022
  • Designed a large portion of the mobile app, which facilitates and allows Heygo guides to stream their tours.
  • Spearheaded in organising and creating a more efficient design system to help design faster and more consistently.
  • Helped deliver designs for rapid experiments with a short turnaround time.
2021 — 2021
  • I was the sole contributor to creating and maintaining the design systems for multiple large projects in parallel.
  • Ideated and conceptualised new experiments.
  • Spearheaded the process of creating stylescapes and brand guidelines to better align the platforms with their respective brands.
2018 — 2021
Pretoria, South Africa
  • As the sole designer, I've designed multiple large and complex projects from various industries, from the ground up all the way to launch.
  • I was in charge of redesigning a diverse set of outdated platforms to help bring them up to date with today's standards of experience.
2016 — 2018
Pretoria, South Africa
  • Worked closely with developers to build various mobile apps and websites.
  • Produced mockups and user flows within the given scope.


2022 — Now

I help mentor the junior ui/ux designers on a part time basis


2013 — 2015
Pretoria, South Africa

Main focus on programming, HCI, and visual designs. The focus of the degree was to be able to create a video game from the ground up.



Notion Essentials Badge holders have demonstrated baseline proficiency across all Notion features. They understand block types, collaboration, databases, sidebar organization, and user settings. They can identify best practices for daily Notion use.


UX Basics with one of the industry leader Joe Natoli


Learned ways to imitate intuitive design from the real world and translating them to into digital interfaces