Izel Maras

Izel Maras

Head of Design & Creative in New York, She/her


A New York-based interdisciplinary designer from Turkey specializing in interface and interaction design.

Head of Design & Creative at Roon, an early-stage healthcare startup, developing the Roon app for patients and caregivers of complex health conditions.

Work Experience

2022 — Now
New York

Roon, a platform that aims to provide freshly sourced information about medical conditions to educate patients. Roon aims to empower individuals with accurate and up-to-date knowledge about their health conditions, enabling them to make informed decisions and actively participate in their healthcare. The platform curates information from trusted sources, including medical professionals and institutions, to ensure the reliability of the content. Roon recognizes the importance of accessible and understandable information, particularly for individuals navigating complex health conditions. By providing a user-friendly interface and personalized content, Roon strives to enhance patient engagement and improve healthcare outcomes.

2019 — 2022
Product Design Lead at Verizon Communications
New York

As a product lead at Verizon Communications, I played a crucial role in various projects, including 5G, home redesign, and navigation redesign.

2017 — 2019
Senior Product Designer at Verizon Communications
New York

As a senior product designer at Verizon Communications, I contributed to several key projects, including Verizon Up in-app, Verizon Design System, and Verizon Juice. In the Verizon Up in-app project, I played a pivotal role in enhancing and optimizing the user experience of Verizon's loyalty program within the mobile application. This involved designing intuitive interfaces and seamless interactions to provide customers with a rewarding experience. In the Verizon Design System project, I was the first designer who interfaced with AKQA, a design agency, to kick-start efforts for the Verizon Design System, the development and implementation of a comprehensive design system that promoted consistency and efficiency across various digital products and platforms.

2015 — 2017
New York

As a visual designer at Frog, I worked on diverse projects for esteemed clients. Notably, I played a crucial role in designing the visually appealing and user-friendly wealth management website for BNY Mellon. Additionally, I collaborated with Samsung on a design research and journey mapping project, employing visual representations to gain insights into user needs and behaviors for their customer service project. I also enhanced user experience and engagement with TouchTunes jukeboxes through interactive visualizations. Furthermore, I had the exciting opportunity to create a captivating and immersive experience for Verizon's immersive bus design project. Was also part of smaller projects for T-Mobile and AB InBev.

2014 — 2015
Cambridge, MA

Worked on a project involving serial programming, interface design, and development for a wearable device. In this role, I was responsible for designing and implementing the user interface of the wearable device, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience. Additionally, I worked on the programming aspect, establishing serial communication protocols and integrating them into the device's software. Through this project, I gained valuable experience in the intricacies of wearable technology, combining hardware and software elements to deliver a functional and user-friendly product.



As head of Roon's design & product team, I spearheaded the iOS app development for Roon. I successfully established a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that formed the basis of the app's functionality and user experience. Additionally, I designed seamless web conversions for mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms, ensuring a consistent and optimized Roon experience across various devices. Through my leadership and expertise, the iOS app for Roon was brought to life, offering users a compelling and user-friendly interface to access the app's features and services.

Roon 1.0 at Roon

Roon 1.0 laid the foundation for the Roon experience with its web and mobile web designs. It served as the product's core and received seed funding from Sequoia to support its development.

Roon Illustration and Animation Design Language at Roon

Developed an illustration design language for Roon that complemented their brand color and aesthetic. Utilized flat shapes and bold colors while incorporating line drawings and gradients to create a soft, friendly, yet severe illustration style.

In addition, I collaborated closely with an animator and a storyteller, illustrating story frames that would be animated to visualize complex medical concepts. A series of animations brought the medical concepts to life, making them easily understandable and accessible to the audience.


Web interfaces for Desen Shop, a crochet brand, aim to seamlessly deliver a functional user experience across various devices and screen sizes.

The designs feature a flat, playful, and bold aesthetic, reflecting the modern and youthful identity of the brand. Interface designs create a visually appealing experience while maintaining simplicity by utilizing clean lines, simple shapes, and vibrant colors.

Simple designs enabled me to implement the designs into code seamlessly without needing a developer collaborator.

Verizon Chat Bot at Verizon Communications

Was responsible for creating concept designs for a branded experience of the Verizon Chat Bot. I aimed to develop a unique and cohesive visual identity that aligned with Verizon's brand values. Through carefully considering typography, color palettes, iconography, and overall design aesthetics, I aimed to create a visually engaging and immersive experience for users interacting with the Chat Bot.

My Verizon App Landing Experience Design at Verizon Communications

Was the lead visual designer for the My Verizon Homepage redesign project, with the primary goal of introducing a dashboard-like functionality and improving user access to key features. My role involved creating a visually appealing and intuitive interface that effectively organized and presented crucial account information. Through strategic design choices, including visual hierarchy and thoughtful information architecture, I aimed to streamline the user journey and enhance the overall user experience.

Verizon 5G Home Internet Website at Verizon Communications

Designed the setup page for Verizon's 5G Home Internet service. This crucial page served as a seamless gateway for customers to configure and activate their home internet connection. My role involved crafting a user-friendly interface that guided users through the setup process, ensuring clarity and simplicity at every step. By focusing on intuitive design elements and clear instructions, I aimed to provide an effortless and efficient onboarding experience for customers transitioning to Verizon's 5G Home Internet service.

GizmoWatch Watch Faces at Verizon Communications

Designed watch faces specifically tailored for the Verizon GizmoWatch, a smartwatch designed for kids. My task involved creating engaging, child-friendly watch face designs that appeal to young users. By combining a balance of fun and functionality, I aimed to enhance the overall user experience and make time-telling a delightful and interactive experience for children.

Maras Instagram Filter

Using Facebook's Spark AR, I collaborated with a visual programmer, Charlotte Rea, to transform my illustrations into an interactive experience by creating a captivating face filter on Instagram. This filter quickly gained popularity and became a hit among users, resulting in a significant fan following. It garnered attention and appreciation from fans inspired by the filter, creating fan art dedicated to it. Its consistent ranking as a top filter in the Instagram Filters section for several weeks further validated the filter's success. Through the power of augmented reality and the engaging nature of the filter, I was able to bring my illustrations to life and create a memorable and widely embraced experience for Instagram users.

Verizon 5G Bus at Verizon Communications & frog Design

Contributed to creation of a coded animation to an immersive product design project. Collaborated with a team of technologists and product designers to create a physical bus interior to visualize the future of 5G internet with Verizon.

Verizon Design System at Verizon Communications

I played a pivotal role in the Verizon Design System Project, where I spearheaded the creation and management of a comprehensive design system for Verizon. As the initial contributor, I laid the foundation for the design system before additional design partners were brought on board to develop it further, with whom I continued to collaborate extensively. My responsibilities encompassed defining and implementing consistent design principles, guidelines, and reusable components that applied to various web and app applications. The design system emerged as a vital resource for multiple agencies and designers within the organization, fostering efficiency and coherence in product design.


As the lead visual designer for the My Verizon App's Verizon Up rewards program, I fully owned its interface design. My responsibilities included crafting the interface, enhancing the user experience, and creating captivating illustrations.

Verizon Design Homepage at Verizon Communications

As one of the early designers on Verizon's in-house design team, I had the exciting opportunity to design the homepage specifically for recruiting purposes. This project aimed to attract top design talent to join the Verizon team.

My focus was on creating a visually captivating and informative homepage that effectively showcased Verizon's design culture, values, and career opportunities. Through strategic use of compelling visuals, engaging content, and intuitive navigation, I aimed to create a seamless user experience that would resonate with prospective designers. I actively participated in the recruiting efforts, leveraging my design expertise and insights to help identify and attract talented designers who would thrive in Verizon's dynamic and innovative environment.

Verizon Juice at Verizon Communications

I provided visual design work for Verizon Juice, a pre-paid plan offered by Verizon that Visible has since replaced. My responsibilities included supporting the project with asset creation and other design-related tasks. Working closely with the team, I created visually appealing assets that aligned with the branding and marketing requirements of Verizon Juice. This involved designing graphics, illustrations, and other visual elements to enhance the overall user experience and promote the product effectively. Despite Verizon Juice being replaced by Visible, my contributions helped ensure a visually engaging and cohesive presentation of the pre-paid plan during its existence.

TouchTunes Juke Box Music Visualizer at TouchTunes & frog Design

I had the opportunity to work on the TouchTunes Juke Box Music Visualizer project. My role involved designing and developing a visually captivating music visualizer that enhanced the user experience while enjoying music on the TouchTunes Juke Box. By leveraging my design and coding skills, I created an immersive visual experience synchronizing with the music, adding an extra layer of engagement and enjoyment for users. The visualizer incorporated various graphic elements, effects, and animations that dynamically responded to the rhythm and mood of the music, creating a captivating and interactive experience for users.

Customer Journey for Samsung Customer Service at Samsung & frog Desgign

Conducted design research and field interviews with Samsung's customer service teams to gather insights and understand pain points. Based on the research findings, I developed a strategy and journey map to improve the customer journey. The strategy focused on addressing pain points, streamlining processes, and enhancing communication channels. The journey map visually represented critical touchpoints and identified areas for improvement. By providing Samsung with these resources, I aimed to provide actionable recommendations to enhance the customer experience and improve overall customer satisfaction.

BNY Mellon Wealth Management Website at BNY Mellon & frog Design

I was responsible for designing the wealth management website for BNY Mellon. My tasks included implementing the design system and expanding the brand language. I ensured consistency by adhering to the design system guidelines and integrating various design elements, typography, colors, and icons. This maintained a seamless user experience and a strong brand presence. Additionally, I expanded the brand language by introducing new visual elements and design patterns. This elevated the website's aesthetics while aligning with BNY Mellon's brand identity. My work resulted in a visually compelling and cohesive wealth management website reflecting BNY Mellon's professionalism, trustworthiness, and client commitment.


I undertook a multi-faceted role in designing a wearable device, handling various aspects from interface design and user experience mapping to technology coding, 3D printing encasings, soldering the tech components, and creating informative infographics. I meticulously crafted the interface to ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience while simultaneously coding the underlying technology to bring the device's functionalities to life. Additionally, I leveraged 3D printing techniques to fabricate customized encasings, combining aesthetics and functionality. Soldering the tech components ensured their proper integration and functionality within the device. Lastly, I mapped the user experience journey and developed informative infographics to communicate the device's features and benefits to users effectively. This holistic approach allowed me to create a comprehensive and cohesive wearable device that provided a user-friendly experience and showcased the fusion of design, technology, and user-centric visuals.

Colibri at SolarRoute

I designed an impactful infographic for SolarRoute, a company that aims to provide electricity to off-grid areas in Nicaragua. Through this infographic, I aimed to raise awareness and generate interest in SolarRoute's work, ultimately contributing to their mission of improving energy access in off-grid areas.


The Perceivable Interface is a digital art project exploring human technology interaction. The project is inspired by Jacques Lacan’s concept of the mirror stage, where infants recognize themselves in the mirror for the first time.
The project uses a full-body 3D motion capture sensor to capture dancers’ movements, which are then processed by customized software that creates glitchy silhouettes on a large-scale projection. The dancers’ experience of seeing themselves projected against the wall in real time enhances their bodily relationship with technology and creates a new form of improvisation. The project uses multi-sensory elements such as stereo sound and lighting to create an immersive experience.
The project aims to catalog various modes of human experience and quote them through visual storytelling.

Side Projects


I undertook the task of creating a brand for Desen, a crochet brand focused on slow fashion. This involved developing the brand identity, designing the logo, and establishing the overall visual aesthetic. Additionally, I took charge of marketing efforts, crafting strategies to promote Desen's products and reach a wider audience. I also leveraged my coding skills to develop and maintain the brand's website, ensuring a seamless online presence for Desen. Through these efforts, Desen gained recognition in Turkey's design scene and started making a name for itself in New York, with features in local magazines and international publications like GQ.



2011 — 2015
Bachelor of Arts at Tufts University

Major in International Literary and Visual Studies
Minor in Computer Science

My major, International Literary and Visual Studies, was a carefully curated blend of various disciplines. By combining elements of media arts, design, language, film-making, and computer science, I crafted a comprehensive program of study to explore the intersections between different forms of expression and communication. This interdisciplinary approach gave me a diverse skill set and a unique perspective, enabling me to navigate literature, visual arts, technology, and cultural studies. Through this major, I developed a deep understanding of how different mediums and disciplines can intersect and influence one another.