Indrawan Lisanto

Indrawan Lisanto

Front-End Developer in Indonesia, He/His

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I am a seasoned Software Engineer specializing in Mobile App and Web Development, with a proven track record since 2018.

Currently, I am a Front-End Developer at a leading consulting firm, where I play a pivotal role in delivering high-impact projects for clients in the banking, telecommunications, and automotive dealership sectors. My expertise lies in creating seamless, user-centric interfaces that drive business success and enhance customer experiences.

Work Experience

2024 — Now
  • Currently working as a Design System Engineer, responsible for developing and maintaining the design system to ensure a consistent and high-quality user experience across all products.

  • Leading and managing the Front-End team, fostering collaboration and ensuring the delivery of robust, scalable, and efficient front-end solutions.

  • Freelance Front-End Developer, specializing in developing enterprise application interfaces using React.js and TypeScript.

  • Leading and mentoring a team of new front-end engineers, guiding them through project complexities and ensuring high standards of quality.

  • Engaging in both hands-on coding and strategic leadership, ensuring that project goals are met with precision and efficiency.

2019 — Now
Jakarta, Indonesia

Working as a Front-End Engineer, extensively executing front-end requirements for web and app development in major projects, such as:

2021 — 2023
Jakarta, Indonesia

Full-Time Remote and Hybrid Working as Konsultan for PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia in BRIAPI Team. Major responsibilities who I working in

  • Build, fixing and maintaine a Banking Open API microservice

  • Manage Development and deployment work flow

  • Workshop with relevan partner

  • As Engineer PIC in major feature like Inquiry and Salary Crediting Feature

Tech: Go-lang, Jenkins, PostgreSQL, K8S

2021 — 2023
Jakarta, Indonesia

Freelance Web Developer. Build, Slicing, and Integrate Course system of THE ENTREPRENEURS SOCIETY (ELITES) web member.

Tech: React, Laravel

2021 — 2022
Jakarta, Indonesia

Part-time Engineer who build finance utility tools.

Tech: React, Typescript, GraphQL

2019 — 2022
Tangerang, Indonesia

Co-Founder, Freelance and Leader of Kabayan coding internal team first batch. Working as Client Consultant

  • Build E-Commerce Ecosystem (Admin, Web, Mobile app)

  • Build Organization service web app

  • Build Goverment service web app

Tech: Javascript, Typescript, React, React Native, Laravel

2018 — 2019
Full-Stack Developer at Gaia Persada
Jakarta, Indonesia

Being full-stack web and mobile app developer using React & React Native.

  • Create, build and maintenance education ERP (Kes Education System)

  • Manage Dashboard, Admin and User Web app

  • Manage Mobile app Android for parent and student app

Tech: Javascript, React, React Native, CodeIgniter, Laravel

2018 — 2018
Cimahi, Indonesia

Working as Junior Engineer, take over client project and deliver the client product as requirement. Tech: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Django Python, MySQL



Mobile app for booking service Honda motorcycle in All main dealer astra honda Indonesia. My responsibility as Mobile App developer with task

  • Create, Slicing, Integrate and Delivery feature

  • Bug fix and maintainer app

Tech: React, React Native, Typescript


Crafting, building, and scaling up a new website from scratch to modernize the outdated site into a contemporary, user-friendly platform.

For reference, visit W3lcome.


Banking Ecosystem for B2B, my responsibilities as Front-End and slicing design from Figma to React Component

Tech: React, Javascript


Web Course for Elites Member of THE Enterpreneur Society
Tech: React, Laravel


Finance Utils for helper finance employee of for reconciliate merchant data with POS system. My responsibility is Front-End Engineer, craft, maintain and api integration.

Tech: React, Typescript, GraphQL

SIMLABKH - Laboratory Quarantine Animal Information and Management System of Soekarno Hatta at Animal Quarantine of Soekarno Hatta Airport

A dashboard app for managing information on animal quarantine entering through Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

Tech: Javascript, React, Laravel, Firebase


An e-commerce application for small and medium-sized businesses with a vision to assist micro, small, and medium enterprises (UMKM) and businesses in reaching every corner.

Tech: Javascript, React, React Native, Laravel


The first platform for laboratory tests and health examinations in Indonesia that empowers customers to make better decisions for their health. My Responsibiliy is slicing design to HTML

Tech: Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap


The First Digital Provider in Indonesia by PT Telkom Indonesia. My responsibility is working on Web, App and CMS Development.

Tech: Javascript, React, React Native, Drupal, Laravel, Next.js


The service system of the Integrated One-Stop Service Center (PTSP) in the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Papua Province is a technological advancement in the era of digital 4.0. Specifically designed to facilitate services for the community and employees of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Papua Province.

Tech: Javascript, React, Laravel, Firebase


A website for the Ministry of Religious Affairs that will provide information and news about LPTQ (Local Quranic Recitation Board) activities in Papua.

Tech: Javascript, React, Laravel

Side Projects


A Web for generate wedding invitation, preview is here


A website service for help developer finding their jobs, projects or hiring a dev team for working together. This project is deprioritize but still under maintainer with me. The preview is here


Blogger Mod for Dynamic Templating Engine with React + Typescript. Implemented on Codepelajar Blog


Web real time chatting using firebase, live demo


I create blogger templates. It's enjoyable and a quality way for me to spend my free time.


2014 — 2017
Bandung, Indonesia

Student of Network Engineering, Graduation with good pass