Ismail Ahmad

Ismail Ahmad

Senior UX Designer in Berlin, Germany

Are you creating something fun? Looking for a strategist mind, and collaborator. Inbox me. It doesn't have to be about money.

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Business oriented designer delivering real-world usable products for over seven years. I help bold and ambitious businesses and entrepreneurs turn ideas into solutions that create lasting experiences for their users and revenue for businesses.

Work Experience

2023 — Now
2014 — Now
Lagos, Nigeria

My role includes conceptualizing and conveying ideas to my team, brainstorming with professional freelancers, and managing projects from inception to completion. We are currently open for work.

2022 — 2023
Abuja, Nigeria

Focus was on improving design documentation, communication and processes for the consumer-facing products.

2021 — 2023
Lagos Nigeria

At gomoney, I worked with a fantastic team of designers and engineers to improve Gomoney's customer onboarding experience and brand perception. Still feel like day one.

2021 — 2023
2021 — 2022
2020 — 2021
New York, United State

Lead designer and researcher in the team, responsible for the design development of Spatch, a delivery platform; Mezoshops, a virtual store for vendors; Mezovest, a loan facilitating platform all within the time frame of March 2020 and July 2021. My roles here include carrying out research, defining product paths and designing usable software.

2020 — 2020

The internship focused on learning Landor & Fitch approach to designing, creating a winning strategy, experience, memories and stories for renowned brands.

2020 — 2020
2017 — 2020
Lagos, Nigeria

I led a team of designers, helped the people under me grow by sharing resources and guiding them to make informed design decisions with proper research. I facilitated design reviews with stakeholders across all the products and provided detailed product specification documents for the technical team.

2019 — 2019
2014 — 2017
Graphic Designer at Inked
Lagos, Nigeria

I led most of the design projects for Inked ranging from prints, marketing, package and identity design, and I played a part in the strategy development for campaigns. It was a very enriching process, working closely with the company clients and consultants.


Mezovest helps and connects Small Businesses in Nigeria to accessible loans with no collateral. I help Mezovest design all their product, aligning with their goals of creating a trusted brand that will help create credit scores for businesses in Africa.


Spatch is an online logistic platform that provides on-demand deliveries for individuals, corporate and e-commerce fulfilment. They offer same-day pickup and international for the people in Nigeria and with goals of expanding to all other Africa countries soon. I help design all Spatch platforms.


Cadana reached out to help with the brand identity for the company, as a detailed visual designer I use my expertise of over 6 years in designing to help craft a unique Identity. I help Cadana set a design direction for all of their design system that is still in use today.


EasyDispatch is an online logistic platform that manages on-demand and scheduled deliveries for a variety of user segments, ranging from business establishments to individual clients.


I design the identity direction for Brass. Including this here because of the experience I gain working on the project and there's no reason not to really. Brass is a digital banking for businesses in Nigeria.


We developed the Fidelity SME Funding Connect app. It is a one-day event focused on funding for MSMEs and aimed at galvanizing requisite finance for the growth and development of MSMEs across Nigeria. The event is an exhibition and conference-style platform targeted at local businesses who operate in sectors like Manufacturing, Health, Agriculture, Education, Technology, Entertainment and Lifestyle.

Side Projects


Technology tinkerers. Excitingly odd but creative people coming together. An exclusive third place for creatives finding a space different from work and personal life.


Documenting the best onboarding experience of all the fun digital products I came across.



If a UI project is completed and the people are still confused, aasking where the UX of the project is and you have clue to what they mean this article is for you as well.


2019 — 2021
Lagos, Nigeria

Inspiring people to give to others by sharing love, smiles, and happiness through acts of random kindness.