Isabelle Santiago

Isabelle Santiago

Brand strategy & design in Toronto

Movin slow and steady

10 months ago



Side Projects


Low key art events for the perpetual beginner, happening monthly (or more!) in downtown Toronto.

We invite non-artists, bad artists, and burnt out creatives to come chill and rediscover the balancing power of visual art and creative self-expression.

Work Experience

2022 — Now

Building brands with strategy and design to help venture capital firms win deals and LPs with ease.

2016 — Now
Independent Graphic Designer

Contributor at VectorDAO (2022-)
Creative Lead at Altus Group (2018-20)
Art Director at The Toronto Star (2019)
Art Director at Flight Centre (2017-18)
Creative Lead at Tina Davies Professional (2017-18)
Graphic Designer at Medcan (2017)

2019 — 2022
2013 — 2016
Associate Creative Director at Dashboard
2011 — 2013



Jordan Lyall and VenturePunk love generative art NFTs. The art form is full of exciting possibilities, and possible only at this point in history where tech and culture intersect.

As avid collectors themselves, the team wanted to bring the fun of collecting NFTs and the appreciation of gen art to the world.

With accessibility and openness as the guiding principles for the project, the VenturePunk team built a marketplace on Arbitrum that would democratize gen art NFTs for collectors and artists alike with lower fees and a more community-oriented atmosphere.

Archetype at VectorDAO

When we kicked off our project, Archetype had already successfully raised two funds and was already actively investing in crypto’s most promising talent and ideas. The small but mighty team of true crypto natives had built a reputation of being truly there for the community and crypto culture.

They had outgrown the v1 of their brand identity, and with a new office space also in the works, the time was right for a refresh. The team, assembled by VectorDAO, was poised to help them make big moves. Our goal was to help Archetype’s reputation precede them.

We built a flexible identity with a vibrant colour palette, featuring hues less commonly seen in the world of crypto and investing. A simple yet distinctive system of geometric patterns create movement and can be used across different mediums for consistency.

VenturePunk at Bonus Round

Jordan Lyall was already well-respected in the world of crypto. As a veteran founder in both web2 and web3, he is passionate about building community and pursuing his curiosity.

He dreamed of a business model that would allow him to the opportunity to explore, learn, play, fund, and test the boundaries of the newest emerging technologies. He would call it VenturePunk.

A few months after launching, Jordan and the VenturePunk team secured US $1.5m in pre-seed funding to put toward rapid web3 experimentation.

Since then, the team has built and released many experimental and novel projects such as, Skylab, and more.


Experiential & Innovative Media
Integrated Campaign