Mayra Nascimento

Mayra Nascimento

Product Designer in Brooklyn, NYC, She/Her


My name is Mayra, and I'm a Product Designer based in Brooklyn, NY.
With seven years of experience in different areas of design, I've worked with visual identity, branding concepts, and editorials, which has helped to hone my skills in the visual design aspects of the job.

Four years ago, I shifted my focus to digital products and services, diving into e-commerce, apps, mobile, and web design, allowing me to blend creativity with functionality, making user experiences my top priority.

My background covers a range of industries, including entertainment, ticket sales, and consumer goods. This exposure to B2B and B2C companies has made me a versatile designer who can adapt to different scenarios.

I thrive on collaboration, so I can bring a strong sense of teamwork to the positions I work with. (password cases: mayra-works-23)

Side Projects


llustrated project intitled "Redesigning Dyslexia" for Design Management and Cultures undergraduate course from London College of Communication.


Work Experience

2022 — Now
Brooklyn, New York City

Drive brand and service success through application of UX research, customer journey mapping, road mapping, and prototype testing, with focus on achieving exceptional user experiences. Maintain up-to-date knowledge of design trends, technologies, and methodologies.

  • Facilitate brands and services using UX research, mapping the customer journey, roadmaps, and prototype testing.

  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of design trends, technologies, and methodologies.

  • Sketched, designed, and collaborated with an engineer to implement a new personal website within a 4-month timeline while concurrently relocating to New York City and managing many other responsibilities.

  • Demonstrated adept time-management and organizational skills to successfully complete this personal project, serving as testament to technical and creative abilities.

2021 — 2022
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Contributed to end-to-end project execution for three initiatives, encompassing remote and in-depth interviews, online surveys, wireframing, usability tests, prototypes, and user testing with keen focus on improving user experience. Conducted workshops with stakeholders to integrate UX research insights and prioritize user pain points, aligning with business objectives to optimize product feature performance. Led QA sessions for validation and review of newly developed features to ensure consistency in visual standards and maintain an updated design system. Contributed to overall enhancement of product by maintaining high-quality design standards and promoting adherence
to established protocols. Managed strategic initiatives and collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure effective development and implementation of product enhancements.

  • Spearheaded 60% growth in Autos category through effective utilization of various design, collaboration, and management tools, including Hotjar, Maze, User Testing, Online Surveys, Zoom, Figma, Miro, Principle, Photoshop, Confluence, Jira, and Asana.

  • Utilized strategic approach and expert application of cutting-edge technologies, delivering exceptional results that consistently exceeded expectations, resulting in three promotions within 18-month tenure with company.

  • Increased professional skills of product managers, junior designers, engineers, and other cross-functional team members through training and coaching regarding research methodologies and insights generated by team.

  • Drove evolution of established auto-paid products, including bundles, vehicle history, and financing simulator, resulting in an impressive 70% surge in their purchase and utilization during early stages of implementation.

2020 — 2021
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Formulated and implemented product design improvements geared towards optimizing user experience amidst challenges posed by pandemic and social distancing, specifically catering to needs of entertainment industry. Implemented range of safety measures, including contactless transactions, drive-in options, strategic signposting, and security policies for all checkout stages, as well as seat-blocking measures incorporated into cinema floor plans.

  • Steered significant efforts in facilitating timely reopening of cinemas five months ahead of the Covid relaxation timeline, leveraging insights gleaned from comprehensive market research and user feedback.

  • Played pivotal role in development of company's design system, directing creation of iconography section and overseeing implementation of the system across multiple products.

2018 — 2020
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Orchestrated multiple complex projects as a skilled designer, validating copy and assets, user flows, and functionality. Managed communication between clients and engineering teams, while taking charge of estimation and prioritization to ensure timely and high-quality project delivery.

  • Demonstrated expertise in user experience by managing end-to-end project of Print Love app, overseeing stakeholder interviews, online surveys, persona development, Wireframing, usability testing, prototyping, and user testing.
2019 — 2019
Overijssel, Netherlands

Worked as a senior illustrator and product designer for the Earth Charter, in charge of creating an illustrated visual identity for the non-profit movement. The work combined different stages of the design process such as research, data analysis, documentation, illustration and user interface design.

  • Built an illustrated visual identity for the non-profit movement Earth Charter in an agile 5-day creative sprint.

  • Worked and collaborated with engineers, designers, product managers, and UX writers, giving and receiving constant feedback on the project's direction.

  • Acted in workshops facilitation with stakeholders and creative peers, bringing insights from UX research to focus on main user points and align them with business objectives to enhance the performance of product features and illustrated branded guidelines.


2018 — 2020
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design.

3.2 GPA.

2015 — 2017
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Bachelor's Degree in GraphicDesign with habilitation in visual communication. (Unfinished)

4 GPA.



Professional Development: Product Metrics course.


Professional Development: UX Research course.


Professional Development: Design and Visual Communications course.