Igor Lanko

Igor Lanko

Desiger / developer 🇺🇦🇺🇸 in Chralotte, NC

Just announced my side project. 3vit.app is a Tinder for tax deductible expenses. Check it out! Still WIP, but opened for private beta 👀

A month ago


I design and program software.

Self-taught by running a small agency. Worked with startup companies in music and gaming, as well as in b2b/e2e. Turned a few ideas of my own into launched products.



Started a small product that allows to capture and organize images with context.


In 2019 I lead the product design of a cloud-based loop synthesizer Output Arcade. It was a big revamp of browsing experience of the plugin, which lead to another significant change—using web tech in local music software.


I was fortunate to work along with Neil Hallimen and Daniel Lepik to bring an amazing granular FX plugin they designed into a digestable UI ready for programming.


Side Projects


Tinder for tax deductions. Helps separate business from personal money. Generates profit/loss reports for you to make your April easier.


A space to save, organize, and share inspiration via screenshots. Designed and built along with Denys Petrov from Ukraine and LA.


Work Experience

2021 — 2023
Los Angeles, CA

— Lead the design of a single Mythical account ecosystem to rule all the game platforms, connecting it with payments and game items inventory blockchain network;
— Supported 2 amazing designers on the team;
— Shaped the core principals of the design system of the Platform services;
— Worked with the software engineers on the code directly.

2018 — 2021
Los Angeles, CA

I dropped out of college to found a design studio. In almost 9 years working as a freelance design studio owner, I learned:

• Acquiring clients is tougher than they say on the internet;
• Avoid clients that have multiple cooks in the kitchen, and if they do, appoint one;
• Lead business, design, and at times frontend and devops operations, while my partner fullstack developer handled frontend and backend for our clients;
• Primarily worked with small local businesses in CIS.

2018 — 2020
Los Angeles, CA

I lead product design of Output's flagship subscription-based product Arcade.

• 100,000 music producers use it each month. (2020)
• Built and lead the design system of Arcade;
• Lead the Arcade's discovery features strike team (about 10 people).

2018 — 2018
Raleigh-Durham, NC

Working with Intelligia LLC, I lead design of one of Cisco's solution for bulk estimation of enterprise services.