Igor Lanko

Igor Lanko

Designer & programmer in Chralotte, NC



I was hired by my old colleague and a friend from Output who started his own venture a few years ago called Minimal Audio—a music software company.

I designed and built (Rails & TailwindCSS) the new home page with a focus on highlighting the great plugins they make and the new pricing model called ”All Access“.


Started a small product that allows to capture and organize images with context.


In 2019 I lead the product design of a cloud-based loop synthesizer Output Arcade. It was a big revamp of browsing experience of the plugin, which lead to another significant change—using web tech in local music software.


I was fortunate to work along with Neil Hallimen and Daniel Lepik to bring an amazing granular FX plugin they designed into a digestable UI ready for programming.

Side Projects


A space for creatives to organize their favorite internet artifacts like images, links, and notes. Optionally sharable, private by default.


Tinder for tax deductions. Helps separate business from personal money. Generates profit/loss reports for you to make your April easier.

Work Experience

2021 — 2023
Los Angeles, CA

• Lead the design of a single account ecosystem to rule all the game platforms, connecting it with payments and game items inventory blockchain network;
• Supported & mentored 2 amazing designers;
• Shaped the core principals of the design system;
• Worked with the software engineers on the code directly.

2013 — 2021
Los Angeles, CA

I dropped out of college to found a design studio. In almost 9 years working as a freelance design studio owner, I learned:

• Acquiring clients is tougher than they say on the internet;
• Avoid clients that have multiple cooks in the kitchen, and if they do, appoint one;
• How to lead business, design, and at times frontend and devops operations, while my partner fullstack developer handled frontend and backend for our clients;

Primarily worked with small local businesses in CIS and China.

2018 — 2020
Los Angeles, CA

I lead product design of Output's flagship subscription-based product Arcade.

• Brought to live a design & tech overhaul of the in-app browser;
• 100,000 music producers use it each month. (2020);
• Built and lead the design system;
• Helped to launch Output Portal, designing its Advanced and Presets, error, and activation screens;
• Built Output Portal components system.

2018 — 2018
Raleigh-Durham, NC

Helped shape the experience of one of the internal tools marketers use to estimate Cisco's services offering cost to their e2e clients.