Isaac Besora

Isaac Besora

Software engineer in Berga


Computer engineer at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, I started working as a researcher in computer graphics, virtual reality, and interfaces at the same university. Without leaving that field I moved to web development and later to web mapping, where I combine the knowledge acquired in those two fields.

I've worked both at private (Felt, Tierra, Sicma) and public (UPC, ICGC) companies, and as a freelancer for the Joint Research Center of the European Commission.
I've also developed a wide variety of applications for all kinds of industries using a lot of different technologies which gives me a broad knowledge of the software engineering field.

I'm particularly interested in maps, data visualization, computer graphics, and virtual/augmented reality.

Work Experience

2021 — Now

As a member of the data library team at Felt I'm mainly involved in the customization of Protomaps, the web mapping renderer we use to render huge amounts of data, and other features that interact with it: styling, popups, legends, ... My day-to-day work also includes some frontend work done using React, Valtio, and Jotai.

2019 — 2021

As a member of the software engineering team at Tierra I'm involved with the full stack but I'm mostly focused on the frontend side. This includes both the platform development using React and the data visualization using and d3.

2016 — 2019

As a member of Geostart, the innovation, and prototyping group of the national mapping agency of Catalonia, my main task was to contribute to the development of Instamaps, a web platform to visualize geospatial data. We also created a huge number of prototypes to test new mapping technologies.


2019 — 2019
Deep learning for graphics and visualization at Ulm University
2018 — 2018
Deeplearning nanodegree at Udacity