Rishi Shah

Rishi Shah

Visual Experience Designer in Ahmedabad, India


"Observer by habit, Designer by nature." That's me in a nutshell!

I'm absolutely passionate about anything that connects with life - from everyday objects and products we use and buy, to advertising that inspires, marketing that creates moments, writing that tells a captivating story, and emotions that tie all of this together.

I see the world from a different perspective and love to explore it from different angles. I don't just scratch the surface - I immerse myself in the design philosophies that make everything tick, and it's absolutely fascinating to me!



Work Experience

2021 — Now

Work for many startups and enterprise customers

  • Amagi
  • Derive
  • Live History India
  • Roche Japan
  • Roche India
  • Renee Cosmetics
  • XY ai
  • Tyne Tunnel
  • Socket Mobile
2020 — 2021
Lead Product Designer at JobSquare

JobSquare is modern job platform that connects HR professionals and job seekers, facilitating the discovery of suitable job opportunities and ideal candidates.

2018 — 2020
  • Design Research
  • Empathise user Behaviour
  • Define and Prioritise User and Business Goals
  • Defining standards of usability and accessibility across the product
2016 — 2017
Sr. Interface Designer at Unlike Anything

I have successfully partnered with multiple startups to deliver exceptional results in branding, interface design, and user experience.

  • Reelo
  • Measure One
  • Food Memories
  • Polka Tots
  • Red Bracket
  • Free Copy
2011 — 2013

As a marketing professional, I initially underestimated the impact of design. However, as I worked more closely with it, I began to realize its potential in connecting with people and influencing their decisions. This realization ignited a passion in me to improve my graphic design skills. Through dedication and hard work, I have consistently produced high-quality email and website designs for the organization. I take pride in knowing that our designs have had a positive impact on our audience.


Crafting the Perfect Maintenance Screen
Intuitive In-App Purchase Flow for Scanner App



The importance of iconography in communication and highlights how design adapts to changing user needs and preferences while keeping up with technological advancements.


How The Browser Company’s new feature “Peek” was inspired by everyday objects and the satisfaction of opening and closing things.