James Reevior

James Reevior

Web Developer in Boston, he/him/his



Work Experience

2022 — Now
Bosoton, MA
  • Worked with teams of developers, designers, project managers, account executives to create heavily customized themes for the university's schools, colleges, and administration.
  • Mentored junior developers and designers in PHP and git practices.
  • Architected a workflow simulating gitflow using Github actions and pull requests.
2018 — 2022
Boston, MA

WordPress web development for Colleges, Schools, and departments of Boston University.

2015 — 2018

Developer for the website for Boston Globe Media's new publication regarding health and medicine.

2014 — 2015
  • Manage environment provisioning for development, staging, QA, and production
  • Responsible for company development workflow including Vagrant environments,
    use of Git for version control, deployment methodologies, and automated test
2011 — 2014

Develop WordPress-based websites for wordrpess.com VIP clients and self-hosted sites.


2011 — Now

New England GiveCamp is a charitable, community-run event at which software developers, designers, and other technical volunteers donate the



Nine years ago, I was just starting out as a full-time developer when I heard about a brand new volunteer opportunity. New England GiveCamp set out to develop websites for charities over the course of one weekend. I volunteered to use my newfound skills to help non-profits, and I haven’t stopped since. In this talk, I’ll discuss the feedback loop of giving back — how volunteering has helped me grow as a developer, which in turn allows me to give even more.


Rewrite rules is a useful feature of WordPress. Without it, there wouldn’t be easy to read urls for websites. In this talk, Jim will show what rewrite rules are, how to configure, and tools to manage and test rules.


No matter the size of the site, getting hacked is a painful process to deal with. As a developer, it is important to know what you can do to prevent possible attack vectors. In this talk, Jim will show what you can do to harden your code and ensure your project will be secure.


WP_Query is a crucial piece of WordPress. It pulls content from the database in order to display on the site. Knowing this powerful class allows developers to manipulate content within themes and plugins. But, with great power comes great responsibility. Jim will show how he has used WP_Query within the themes and plugins that drive the STAT website.


Self hosting WordPress offers more freedom and flexibility than using WordPress.com, but there are still restrictions. With the dropping prices and increasing performance of Virtual Private Servers, self hosting not just your website, but your entire server is quite possible. Jim will talk about why you should consider self hosting from the server level up, how to get started with a VPS, and the basics of configuring and monitoring your own private internet island.