Stewy McCarthy

Stewy McCarthy

Product designer in Dublin

I'm Stewy, a Principal Product Designer with over 10 years of experience. I have a passion for creating market-leading software and mobile apps that delight users. My focus is on combining business solutions with usability and accessibility principles, catering to both B2B and B2C businesses with user bases ranging from 1 to 1 million+. I have a proven track record of guiding my teams to enhance user satisfaction, retention, and adoption across multiple industries.

Work Experience

2022 — Now
2015 — 2015
Senior UX Designer at Switch


Vanishing Emails at Slalom

As part of the Slalom team working with the global companies WPP, VML and AWS, I lead the design and experience team to create, design and launch a new tool that help users reduced their carbon footprint by deleting old emails. This incredibly innovative project demanded focusing on collaboration and innovation in order to drive impact.

Webheart at Slalom

Slalom are constantly looking for ways to help clients unlock ways to grow their business. The two week project looked to leverage Generative AI to enhance the product offering and overcome some key user pain-points through innovative solutions


Co-created, launched and designed the future vision for Workhuman's first performance management application which enabled users to own their career through continuous engagement in feedback, check-ins and priorities all in an award winning user interface and product experience

Reflections at Workhuman

Pioneered and created a revolutionary enterprise solution in our Conversations product for the end-of-year performance process for medium-to-enterprise clients that would reframe an outdated checkbox process with a more continuous, future-focused experience that put the employee at the centre of their own career journey

Terra Design System at Workhuman

Co-created Workhuman's new design system. From initial visual styles, to complex usage guidelines and a component library developed and deployed across all Workhuman. I created the initial design styles and blueprints that are now maintained by a team of 30+

Conversations Vision at Workhuman

Led a team of engineers, designers, directors and VPs to help shape the future of the Conversations product and how we work as a team after a number of years in the market achieving relative success. Defining a vision through collaboration has set the product up for greater revenue and growth in the years to come

Design Fest at Workhuman

Created and successfully delivered Design Fest, a company-wide in-person design event that looked to harness the creative talent within all Workhuman employees to bring a new joyful ideas to life through design workshops and hands-on experiences.


Founding designer and shareholder at Glofox. Created and designed the first public release of the software that would go on to be valued at $150m+, grow to over 30 clients in 80 countries and achieve rapid market success. Worked with founders to create a brand story, mobile application, admin app and business strategy that secured the businesses future.

HR Product of the Year from HR Executive Magazine
Designing Strategy from IDEO U
Design Leadership from Designit


Experience based selling at AWS Fest
Dublin, Ireland

This talk explored how Slalom can provide customers with compelling human experiences aligned with the AWS 'working backwards' approach to accelerate buying decisions and bring their vision to life.