UX/UI designer in Potsdam, Germany

I'm based in Germany and have a visa for legal employment purposes, actively looking for a job in Germany.

9 months ago


I am a multidisciplinary digital designer with 12 years of experience in visual design, especially branding.

I have extensive experience working in small teams and large corporations, have keen commercial awareness and business acumen, and have expert skills in team projects.


Work Experience

2023 — Now
UX/UI designer at Freelancer job

Developing an exercise daily checking app 'Wi PT' for basic users and trainer users

Design system / Prototyping / UX writing

2023 — 2023
Berlin, Germany

I worked for 3 months as a UXUI designer, developing a mobile education app that enables students to study using a speech-based AI math learning system. In addition to this, I am working on the redesign of the company's website to improve the overall user experience and strengthen the brand identity. Furthermore, I was responsible for designing all marketing materials, which included creating pitch deck presentations and flyers for business meetings.

2014 — 2022
Seoul, South Korea

In my role, I managed cross-functional collaboration for brand development, packaging design for retail, in-store displays, and project management. I also collaborated with external agencies and improved customer experience through brand promotions and pop-up store launches.

2012 — 2014
Graphic Designer at Joyfarm Food
Seoul, Korea

Creating retail packaging designs and managing brand guideline

2011 — 2012
Jeonju-si, Korea

Created design concepts for farms business and produced graphic materials

2005 — 2009
Junior Graphic Designer at Design Fox
Seoul, Korea

Creating logos and packaging for products for diverse retail fields



Renewable Energies subscription & monitoring platform

For my Master's thesis project, managed end-to-end: research, including stakeholder interviews, surveys, style guide creation, wireframing, hi-fidelity prototyping, and usability tests, including A/B testing. style guide creation, wireframing, high-fidelity prototyping, and usability tests, including A/B testing.

Side Projects

With PT

Developing an exercise and diet tracking web app on both the trainer side and normal user side for release e Creating user flow, information architecture, wireframes, and high-fidelity prototypes


2022 — 2023
Potsdam, Germany

The Visual & Experience Design master's program focuses on the dynamic field of design, which encompasses both physical and digital media. It emphasizes the importance of experience design in delivering brand messages and engaging customers through digital platforms.

2001 — 2011
Kimhea, South Korea

Studied Multi-Media Design, which covered areas such as visual graphics, editorial work, character development, and video editing.

In 2001, I was awarded a scholarship for my outstanding academic performance.



Learn about color psychology in design and discover how to effectively use it to evoke emotions and influence behavior.


Managed end-to-end case study development, incorporating market research, user interviews, brainstorming, and prototyping. Adept in research planning, user recruitment, and diverse testing methodologies, including interviews, card sorting, analysis, brand evaluation, accessibility reviews, and usability testing. Acquired valuable insights into user and client goals, motivations, and needs, refining expertise in UX Design.