Gustavo Luz

Gustavo Luz

UI UX Designer in Dublin, Ireland, He/Him


I’m a multi-disciplinary designer passionate about crafting meaningful digital experiences. My expertise lies in Product Design, UI/UX, motion and web development. With over a decade of experience in the design industry, I am constantly seeking opportunities to expand my skill set, make new connections, and explore innovative techniques and technologies that can enhance my design workflow.

Work Experience

2022 — Now

I specialise in crafting user-centric digital experiences through rigorous research, intuitive wireframing, and the development of high-fidelity prototypes. In close collaboration with the creative director, account managers, and direct client interactions, I deliver responsive websites, mobile applications, and interactive web solutions that seamlessly align with both user needs and overarching business objectives.

2019 — 2022
Dublin, Ireland

I specialised in creating immersive and user-centric web solutions, leveraging my expertise in UI and UX design to ensure seamless and engaging digital experiences for our clients. This involved not only the development of web solutions but also the design of marketing communication materials, 3D models, and renders, as well as the creation and editing of motion graphics. My collaborative approach involved working closely with account managers and the creative director to deliver top-notch design solutions that prioritised user satisfaction and usability.

2017 — 2019
Dublin, Ireland

I designed web solutions, 3d models, and pitch presentations. I was responsible for creating new ideas and products that could be scaled and would reflect our client’s brand. Our innovative design concepts successfully attracted Irish distillers, leading to our collaboration with esteemed brands, like Jameson and Redbreast.

2010 — 2016

Side Projects


W100-2 is a fully editable design system based on the Windows 95/98 user interface. Over 1k downloads within the Figma Community.


The website serves as a tool to track instances of “ghost” buses, which refers to buses that are scheduled to arrive at a specific stop but never show up. The app allows users to submit information about the bus, bus stop, and time of the supposed arrival.