Guillaume Berry

Guillaume Berry

Designer in Lausanne, Switzerland, He/Him


/ Art Direction + UX/UI + Branding + Type Design
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Side Projects


My Digital Type Foundry


Breda, NL

First edition of the festival. Invited with Atelier télescopique providing an generative installation displayed at night in a barbershop window. The festival regrouped people from: Akroe, Rinzen, Staynice, Via Grafik, Visual Data, etc.

Calacala City at Maison de l'Architecture et de la Ville
Lille, France

An interactive installation inviting you to create and publish online your dream palace, inspired from color and shapes of architectures and cultures from India. All the designed palaces create an imaginary landscape: Calacala City.


Lausanne, Switzerland

Let’s go beyond Bold, Regular and Medium! I’m pretty sure there are corners in typography that you didn’t explore yet. Let me take you on a journey to those lands.

Let’s shade a Light (pun intended) on the topics like:
Writing systems
The birth and production of fonts
The type business
Why care about licenses

A talk about digital type, not limited to the web. Accessible to anyone willing to go beyond the font files they found on their computers.

Design Systems at United Nations Designers Meetup
Geneva, Switzerland

A lecture about design, system thinking, documentation and collaboration and how it helps organisations.

Lyon, France

Cooking as a metaphor for design and information architecture.

Lyon, France

A conference about why and how care about internationalisation (i18n) & localisation (l10n) in your digital projects.

This talk was also given at IxDA Lausanne meetup in 2017.

Helsinky, Finland

“ Let's go green for a few minutes and envision our design practices from the perspective of a pea. What's your life like inside the pod?” — A fun yet serious metaphor for design teams.

Prototype first at Antistatique morning talks
Lausanne, Switzerland

Prototyping 101: a bit of history, a pinch of goals and a chunk of opportunities doing and testing prototypes in our design practice.

Amsterdam, NL

Hungry? Cook interaction! A food exploration for interaction design.

Eating is a primary human need and one of our own energy source. We have developed tools and techniques to hunt, grow, produce and keep all sorts of food. We have designed countless solutions to cook and present food, make it an interesting activity to renew.

Interaction design is like a problem solving cake with human emotions flavors in it… Let's find out if we can call ourselves Design Chefs or at least be good interaction cooks for people.



The challenge that bootstrapped a font family project and revived ideas for many more fonts!


100 days, 100 lettering pieces, 1 article.


I’m a drummer. Sort of…


The Lovie Awards shorlist from Doctors without Borders

Shortlisted for the project with Doctors without Borders in the Charitable Organisations & Non-Profit category.


The Online Journalism Awards™ attributed the Winner Award for General Excellence in Online Journalism in the Medium Newsroom category, to our client Le Temps and the revamp project we worked on.

Best of Swiss Web from Best of Swiss Web

Bronze award in the usability category for Le Temps complete revamp project.

“Grand” Award - Mobile category from Association du Grand

“Grand” Award (1st) of the “Grand Prix Romande de la Création” in the mobile category for Le Temps complete revamp project.

Bronze award for UX / Usability from Le Meilleur du Web

Bronze award “Le Meilleur du Web” in the UX / Usability category for Le Temps complete revamp project.



“In August, we are celebrating lines. Curved lines, straight lines, finishing lines: whether symbolic or composing a drawing or a building, lines are the very basis of the aesthetic equilibrium surrounding us. We chose to entrust the keys of this month’s artwork to the talent of Art Director Guillaume Berry. He took up the challenge and is offering a unique and evolving typography that you will discover as the weeks go by.”

Work Experience

2014 — 2022
Lausanne, Switzerland

• Apr 2019 › Dec 2022: Lead UX/UI Design manager & Partner
• Jan 2017 › Mar 2019: Lead UX/UI Design manager
• Apr 2014 › Dec 2016: Lead Visual Designer

2012 — 2014
Lyon, France

— Wireframing
— Prototyping
— Creative briefs
— Art Direction / Visual design
— Interaction design
— Brand Identity
— Team management
— Quality assessment

— Native apps
— Web-based projects
— Social media campaigns

2003 — 2009
Lille, France

— Brand identity
— Graphic design
— Type design
— Web design
— Project management
— Production follow-up
— Publishers relationship

2001 — 2001
UI Artist / Game Designer at Ai-Wave / Gameseed
Lyon, France

— UI design for both development tools & game UI
— Game design: high-level principles, mood boards and low-poly modeling
— Graphic design: pitch deck for game funding and other communication items
— 3D modeling for real-time rendering: roads, buildings and objects, textures and bump mapping, misc. effects


2016 — 2018
Lyon, France

The annual IxDA conference took place in Lyon, France in 2018. With a core team of 18 people, we did bid, won, produced, enjoyed and celebrated an amazing week of workshops, conferences and social events.

2011 — 2018
Lyon, France

— Monthly meetings organisation
— Communication
— Partnership


2001 — 2002
Master Degree of Design management and Information Systems at Université Lumière Lyon 2
Lyon, France

Major: User Centered Design, Design Management and Information Systems
Minor: Web Technologies, Project Management and Accessibility

1999 — 2001
University Degree of Digital Design at Université Lumière Lyon 2
Lyon, France

Major: Digital Design, Animation, Web Technologies
Minor: Project Management, 3D modeling, Intellectual Property, Digital Marketing

1996 — 1999
Lyon, France

Major: Graphic Design, Publishing and Advertising
Minor: Cinema, Photography and Illustration

1994 — 1996
High School Diploma at Lycée Ozanam
Mâcon, France

Major: Sociology and Economics


Branding Masterclasses II from Future London Academy

Two day workshop on a professional approach to designing a typeface.

In the workshop, Bruno Maag will explain an effective and efficient approach to designing a typeface (family). The participants will learn how to define the requirements, aesthetically, technically, linguistically, and how to setup the design process.