Guglielmo Pardo

Guglielmo Pardo

Designer in Barcelona, Spain

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6 months ago

I'm an Italian product designer and maker, currently living in the sunny city of Barcelona ☀️ and working at, helping to manage the design team and improve the quality of the platform used by more than 100 thousand doctors from all over the world.

Also, I love designing and developing my own digital products. Currently, I'm working on building, the easiest accounting tool for freelancers.

Side Projects


Incomee is the most intuitive, affordable, and smart way to automate your freelancer business and focus on what really matters.


Monkeymama is designed to turn you positive about life by helping you to achieve your big dreams - Supercharge your life now ✨



What I learned, and what I’m still learning along the way in this new role


Data inputs tell you what is/isn’t happening. Human inputs help you better understand why is/isn’t happening.


Creating and documenting Keirin



We spoke with Incomee founder, Guglielmo Pardo, about building an app that helps freelancers send invoices and manage finances.

Work Experience

2019 — Now
2021 — Now
2019 — 2021
Barcelona, Spain

Docplanner is the world's biggest healthcare platform to make the healthcare experience more human. It helps patients to find a doctor, book a visit and solve any health-related doubt; and doctors save time managing visits and cut no-shows by half.

I worked as part of the product team to improve the user experience of the entire platform with a big focus on the finance area of the platform for doctors and clinics.

2018 — 2019
Barcelona, Spain

I worked on the Company's Back Office platform with the goal of rebuilding it from scratch to make it more efficient and able to drive the exponential growth of the Company. I also had the opportunity to manage and lead the process to create the Company Design System and help to improve the efficiency of the designers and developers.

2017 — 2018
Sydney, Australia

I worked with amazing and skilled people to improve the user interface and user experience of the platform by researching, analysing data and testing different solutions. I also worked closely with the mobile engineers to create a Mobile Pattern Library and improve the quality of the mobile products and save time during the implementation stage.

2015 — 2016
Product Designer at Gfresh
Sydney, Australia

I had a great opportunity to work with a global B2B E-commerce Company, Gfresh, and as a Product Designer, I worked with a team of skilled people, improving the user interface and the user experience of the platform. I also worked on the marketing side of the platform, designing and developing different kinds of responsive pages for the global website.

2015 — 2015
Sydney, Australia

As UI and UX Designer I worked on the design of a mobile web app to help women during the pregnancy journey. The goal was to create a warm and personal space with a great user experience.

2014 — 2015
Milan, Italy

This position provided me with a wonderful opportunity to work with a passionate team and develop slick and user-friendly designs for both, mobile and web platforms.

Key responsibilities while at Babotel:

• Design pixel-perfect responsive websites and landing page
• Develop responsive websites (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP)
• Maintain several websites with regular updates and design
• Manage content through CMS
• Design and develop custom newsletters for Brooks Brothers Europe and
• Be a part of the creation of online social media campaigns and also design and develop them