Greg Lutze

Greg Lutze

Founder & Advisor in United States of America


Greg Lutze is a mixed-race Asian American founder, advisor, and artist. A polymath, his interests lie in a variety of creative pursuits including design, photography, music, painting, fragrance, and fashion.

He is the Co-Founder of VSCO, which has been named Apple’s “App of the Year,” Google Play’s “Best Apps” and Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies in Social Media.”



VSCO is a photography platform that helps people create by providing guidance, editing tools, and a community that supports without judgment.


A collaboration between VSCO and Access Ventures, Voices was a grant program that supports creators who use art to give voice to marginalized communities in the United States.


VSCO Artist Initiative™ was a grant program that provided artists with the resources to pursue their creative vision. The Initiative funded over 30 artist projects, ranging from documentaries to stop motion films to fine art.

Side Projects


Table is a record of contemporary Asian and Pacific Islander creativity that exists to bring exposure and awareness to the work and influence of the emerging API creative community.


SELF is a collaborative playground for experimentation through furniture design. I partnered with SELF founder Marvell Lahens to design a minimal and modern side table that pays homage to my Chinese ancestry.


Elegant, refined fashion combining Japanese-milled performance fabrics with minimalist silhouettes. Defiantly “slow fashion,” the making of garments commences only when ordered, and hand-assembled to each individual’s exact specifications.


Plaza is a small, experimental arm of VSCO. We are imagining a new world for artists and the future of visual research, creation, and economy within a collective context.


Exhibitions entrusts highly regarded curators to create limited time NFT shows, hand-selecting the artists and their digital works to be showcased. It’s a unique approach that brings the quality and curation of physical art galleries into the digital realm — less, but better.


This Creative, Broken & Beautiful Life — Building VSCO at Praxis Imagination Summit
Napa, California
Influence(s) at University of Washington
Designing the Future — Youth Culture & Creativity at AIGA Design Conference
Stand Tall at George Fox University Commencement
Portland, Oregon
Building an Anti-Brand — The Evolution of Visual Culture at Web Summit
Lisbon, Portugal
Delight by Design — The Art Behind A Winning Customer Experience at Rise Conference
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
The Moments That Define at Creative Mornings
Louisville, Kentucky

Work Experience

2011 — Now
San Francisco, CA

VSCO is a photography platform that helps people create by providing guidance, editing tools, and a community that supports without judgment.

2021 — Now
Stockholm, Sweden

We build new experiences of Soundplay.

2021 — Now
Chicago, Illinois

Generative furniture design.

2022 — Now
Los Angeles, California

AI-powered sizeless clothing for everyone.

2020 — Now
New York City, New York

A venture-building ecosystem with a redemptive imagination.

2021 — 2023

Investing in the future of creative work.

2020 — 2022
Advisor at Studio
Los Angeles, CA

Studio was designed to help creative freelancers take their careers to the next level with personal development, accountability, and community. Studio helps its members overcome self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and lack of clarity through expert-led workshops and Power Groups.