Greg Gunn

Greg Gunn

Designer in Los Angeles, CA, he/him

Work Experience

2018 — Now
Freelance Designer at Various brands + agencies
Los Angeles, CA

My freelance design practice where I collaborate with brands, agencies, and businesses to design meaningful, accessible, and smile-inducing work in the forms of brand design, illustration, and motion design.

2019 — 2023
2011 — 2019
Santa Monica, CA

Side Projects


Project-based course that teaches people the fundamentals of good design as it pertains to creating illustrations.


Video course designed to teach people the foundation of color theory and how to apply it to their own design work.


Designed and developed an automation tool for Adobe After Effects written in Javascript that automates the tedious process of setting up character rigs for animation.


2003 — 2006
Bachelor of Fine Arts at Otis College of Art & Design
Los Angeles, CA

BFA in Graphic Design / Motion Design