Pacific North West, he / they


Making things for the climate. Sometimes a designer sometimes a developer. Always thinking about tea.

Work Experience

2024 — Now
CoFounder at **** *****

The next chapter has begun, and I am excited to share more soon.

2022 — Now

Earth Directory is a shared knowledge base designed to clarify and demystify the terms and concepts crucial to understanding and participating in climate action. In an era where information can be overwhelming and scattered, Earth Directory stands as a beacon for students, educators, activists, and policymakers.

2017 — Now
Taipei / San Francisco / Tokyo

A tribe of people supporting each other to establish their creative footing.

2021 — 2022

Cofounded acting as CTO / CDO while creating a public API for earth science data and bond monitoring and verification service for ReFi.

2021 — 2022

Work across project teams in a hybrid role of design and development. The main project that I contributed to was Circulaw.nl .

2020 — 2020
2018 — 2019
UX Researcher at Udacity
2017 — 2018
Creative Technologiest at Fjord
San Francisco, California
2018 — 2018
Research Assistant at PARC, a Xerox Company
Palo Alto, California
2016 — 2017
San Francisco, California
2017 — 2017
UX Researcher at IFTTT
San Francisco, California
2015 — 2015
Interaction Design Intern at IDEO
Chicago, Illinois
2015 — 2015
Creative Technologist Intern at Maker Media
San Francisco, CA
2014 — 2014
UXR Hardware & Software Prototyper at Intel Labs
Santa Clara, CA



A directory of terms for those learning about climate change. Slowly being translated into other languages.


As a part of the web of life, humans affect the ecosystems around us. With many of Earth’s natural systems at tipping points from climate change, there is a need for greater access to climate data- and modernization of how we use it. To easily share the most cutting-edge climate data, we created a REST API for Carbon, Nitrous Oxide, and Sulfur Hexafluoride emissions (all super important greenhouse gases).

We will continue to add data sets and better tools for visualizing the data through explorable examples. If you want to contribute to this project, reach us at earthapi@anthropogenic.com, follow us on Twitter, or follow our change logs.

Earth API is the first project from Anthropogenic- a company dedicated to building platforms and data products to accelerate global decarbonization.


2023 — Now
San Francisco
2020 — 2022

Working with startups in Kathmandu and Manila to develop wells scoped MVPs to test in their local communities.

2018 — 2019
2017 — 2018






The IMPACT Award is a CCA-wide competition, awarding the top two individuals or teams with $25,000 and a network of resources to complete an innovative project cultivating social and/or environmental responsibility.

‘Aha’ Award from Intel Labs

An award for the best intern project across Intel Labs.



A collection of voices fighting against the endless sea.


Planetary Software Group
Tiny Factories