Gautam Krishnan

Gautam Krishnan

Chennai, India

Work Experience

2017 — 2023
New York, NY. Later Mountain View, CA (Remote)

Spearheaded a UX revolution at Vitech, establishing the practice from scratch and orchestrating the design of a cutting-edge suite of 15+ self-service applications across insurance, investment, and retirement verticals. Crafted bespoke web and mobile experiences for industry titans like MetLife and Prudential. My leadership extended to building and maintaining a design system that stood the test of time, ensuring consistency and reusability across products. Guiding a global team of six designers across the United States, Europe, and India, we weren't just a team; we were individuals on a mission to redefine UX standards in an industry that needed a lot of UX love.

2016 — 2017

Led a complete UX overhaul for the undergraduate admissions web portal of the College of Business Administration at UIC. Boosted signups and empowered prospective students with seamless access to the information they needed. I partnered with analysts, developers, and academicians, working hand in hand to craft multiple internal web applications to improve efficiency, innovation, and excellence.

2012 — 2015
Chennai, India

First as an intern and later as a full-time employee, I helped launch a seamless user experience across web, Android, and iOS platforms for Zoho Connect, an enterprise social network product of Zoho. My journey with this remarkable product began at its inception, and together we witnessed its user base grow to an impressive 20,000+ customers, all driven by a relentless commitment to user-centered innovation that Zoho is known for.


2015 — 2017
Master's in Computer Science at University of Illinois at Chicago

UIC offered cross-courses between the School of Computing and the School of Design under its Electronic Visualization Laboratory. I spent two grueling, yet amazing years working on multidisciplinary design projects. I found an amazing team that wanted to work on projects like building a product. It helped me establish myself at the intersection of design, technology, and programming.

2009 — 2013
Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India

SASTRA helped me establish a solid base, where I built some amazing connections. Almost every friend I made there has a kickass career somewhere around the globe.



Creation, tracking, and management of campaigns for Vitech's clients to achieve goals like enrollment, upselling and cross-selling their fintech products.


Data visualization and modeling for fund managers in a Vitech SaaS application. Allows creation of fund portfolios and perform calculations on returns to share insights with clients.


Journey of designing an internal Automated Regression Testing tool for Vitech's engineers and client teams to help them run tests faster and get results in real time.


Course project to design an Alexa voice skill that integrates the features of Piazza and Blackboard, two popular Learning Management Systems.


A 3D holographic exhibit for Chicago's Peggy Notebaert Museum. Participants engage in a gamified activity to plan the flood mitigation for Chicago's Blue Island neighborhood.


Course project to visualize over 100K hurricanes from 1800s to 2010s on a map, showing the intensity, and damage, and play them back to track their real-time progress.


2nd place overall among 750+ teams from all over the world. Also won the CapitalOne API Prize.

1st Place, Nokia International Hackathon from Nokia

1st place under the S40 web apps category.



We conducted an extensive exploration of the audio captcha ecosystem and presented effective low-cost attacks against the audio challenges offered by seven major captcha services including Google's ReCAPTCHA, achieving accuracies of up to 98.3%.