Gage Minamoto

Gage Minamoto

Digital Designer in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi, He/Him

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Visual designer with a background in integrated marketing, esports, and information systems.

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Work Experience

2024 — Now
Gangnam, Seoul

During my time at Gen. G Seoul HQ, I focused on cultural immersion and esports mentoring, enhancing global fan engagement. I developed Meta paid advertising strategies, collaborated on marketing sprints, and created social media content for Gen.G Academy International to effectively engage Western audiences.

2024 — Now

Specializing in graphic and UX design, I've worked with clients such as Servco and the University of Hawai'i Esports Program.

2021 — Now

Led and delivered nationally recognized media projects to an audience of over 1.3k+.

Implemented design style guidelines, optimized content, and executed a comprehensive website redesign aiding in the program's recognition as the 2021 Collegiate Program of the Year by the Esports Awards.

Provided guidance on industry best practices and software, as well as education on new techniques to the team.

2023 — 2023
Honolulu, Hawaii

Completed 15 automotive retail campaigns for Lexus, Subaru, and Toyota. Proficient in producing marketing materials, retouching, and logo design on time. Worked closely with internal and external partners for consistent brand messaging.

2022 — 2023

Designed websites, marketing graphics, and social media content for ACM programs across 10 UH campuses, reaching a university-wide audience.

2022 — 2022
2021 — 2022


Website Redesign at University of Hawaiʻi Esports
Visual Rebrand at UH Esports

I created a custom project management database in Notion for the marketing team. This included setting up the database, developing workflows, and designing an ERD to improve project management and team collaboration. The goal was to streamline processes and enhance collaboration in the marketing department.


Collaborated with Activision Blizzard's production team and professional players to create original designs and develop a visual style for the tournament.


As CEO of Athleap and as part of a University project, I led the creation of a platform connecting aspiring athletes with coaches and organizations, utilizing my design expertise to develop a user-friendly UI/UX.

Side Projects

Personal Design Portfolio


Designing a Path to Success in Esports at COM 369
Honolulu, Hawaii

I was a guest speaker for Dr. Nyle Sky Kauweloa's COM 369 Course at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I shared my esports projects' workflow and highlighted visual design's importance in esports. We explored different roles and how compelling visuals enhance business and player experience, offering insights from my collegiate esports background to students.

Honolulu, Hawaii

I held 2 workshops at the University of Hawaii for students interested in esports and gaming careers. Industry experts from EA and Riot provided guidance on creating portfolios and resumes, with personalized feedback and peer review. Participants included junior students seeking internships and parents exploring career options for their children. The plan is to expand the workshop to students at other UH campuses.


2020 — 2023
BBA in Management Information Systems at the University of Hawai‘i
Honolulu, Hawai‘i

Shidler College of Business | GPA: 3.8