Technical Artist / 3D web dev in Gothenburg, Sweden


Currently running Baked Graphics and building 3D web experiences. Besides this, I work in UE5, Blender and write python scripts.

I'm fascinated by lightning, soundscapes, and motion. I enjoy building tools, fiddling with shaders, and craft interactive experiences.



As a part of the VWFNDR™ — SHOWCASE that took place in Tokyo April 2024, an online experience was built for anyone who could not attend in person.

For this showcase, I worked as a 3D artist and web dev by building and processing the webGL part of the online experience.

Provided with a CAD file of the KEIRIN camera I reworked the model in Blender to make it more suitable for the web. I then created the textures, materials, and of course, the online scene to get you closer to this beautiful camera.

Stack: Blender, Photoshop, VSCode, three.js, r3f, drei, Github, vercel.

Thank you to the whole team for letting me be a part of the extended VWFNDR family.

Experience it here

Follow the project here

VWFNDR camera is a project by Nuevo.Tokyo & Mireia Gordi Vila + Lucas Seidenfaden 2023/24©


Vårkänslor is a r3f project honoring the Swedish spring - which I adore.

Here you get to enter a few small worlds to enjoy some of my favorite spring flowers and a little poetry. 🌸

The goal was to create a calm experience with a hand-painted watercolor feel. I created my own textures to get the desired look and made a soundscape to accompany the flowy movement of the brush strokes.

Everything in this project is made by me except the haikus and the audio.

repo: <…>

Project stack
~ blender ~ photoshop ~ r3f ~ drei ~ three.js ~ react ~ css ~ html ~ javascript ~ vscode ~ git ~ vercel ~

Art Gallery Configurator

Inspired of digital art, socialising online and NFTs I wanted to create an interactive art experience.

I placed an art gallery in the middle of a desert and filled it with interactive art pieces and installations. The user gets to freely walk around the gallery and switch out the art, interact with the installations and experience different soundscapes.

I wanted the user to get a personal and calm experience with a creative and explorative approach, just like a museum. Project is available as an .exe on request.

Side Projects


To explore the possibilities and limitations of three.js I created this project. This was also a learning curve for me to get familiar with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. The results are this cute little immersive experience with a lot of potential.


As a three.js test run I created a simple scene using fundamentals.
Model & texture baking made by me.
Shaders heavily inspired by Bruno Simons portal project.
Music: MistahMath - Nashira


A shader project made in Unreal Engine 5.
I placed a lot of effort in to making the shader versatile. The user can change things like water color, water depth color, wave pattern, reflections and water line color. The water material comes with RGB sliders that are available in runtime witch means that the user can change the color live.

In the project I have paired the shader with an under water post process volume and a light material for caustics.

Work Experience

2023 — Now

Running a mockup studio that creates 3D animated video mockups for after effects. I handle the entire 3D & rendering pipeline.

2023 — Now
3D Web Developer & 3D Artist at Made You Look
2022 — 2023
Technical Artist Intern at Berge Studios (now Engage studios)
2018 — 2022
Salon & Social Media Coordinator at Victor Noblesse


2021 — 2023
Technical Artist - Higher Vocational Education Diploma at Yrgo



Three.js, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, React Three Fibre, drei, rapier and much more.